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      Suntuf polycarbonate sheets are distributed by PSP and can be found in Bunnings Warehouse. They have a 25 year loss of light and 15 year performance warranty.

      Solasafe clear roofing is distributed by Ampelite and is found in Mitre 10 Mega. They have a 10 year warranty.

      Most polycarbonate roofing products available in NZ have similar characteristics. Watch out for unbranded ones that haven’t been sold in NZ for at least 10 years though. The key differences are the level of UV protection. Generally, sheets with a 10 year warranty are the entry level sheets quite commonly used. Sheets with a longer warranty will have a thicker UV protective coating.

      So as far as Suncover and Laserlite 1000 goes:

      Suncover is equivalent to the Solasafe, both have a 10 year warranty.

      Laserlite 1000 is equivalent to the Suntuf, both have a 15 year performance and 25 year light warranty.

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