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      Polycarbonate is one of the easiest plastics to recycle. This is because it’s a thermoplastic and can effectively be melted down and reused multiple times.

      There are also no emissions when it’s made, as it’s made from pellets that are melted and squashed into shape.

      There’s a great guide here.

      In summary:

      Plastic can be one of the most confusing materials to identify for recycling. Essentially, most thermoplastics can and should be recycled. You can also download a guide to these codes. It is critical you are aware that not all councils or recyclers accept all of these plastics. Some reject types 3 to 7 as they are less popular for recycling.

      What are thermoplastic plastics?
      Thermoplastics are permanently fusible and can be melted down and recycled. The reason why thermoplastics melt down so easily is because the molecules have a relatively weak attraction between the chains of molecules. Thermoplastic resins have molecules that are generally not cross-linked, meaning, the resin can be repeatedly melted and reused. Usually, no chemical change occurs when thermoplastic is cured. Thermoplastic resin usually starts out in solid pellet form, and changes shape with the addition of heat and pressure. Thermoplastic polymers are more widely used because of their flexibility, so there are more of them.

      Features of thermoplastic resins:
      High Impact Strength
      Attractive Surface Finish
      Recyclable / Scrap is Reusable
      No Emissions
      Can bond to other thermoplastics
      Can be molded or shaped with reheat

      Generally softens with heat
      More difficult to prototype

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