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      Question from a customer:

      I have an existing polycarbonate roofing that is very old and has a thick layer of lichen / mould growing on top. Can this be cleaned over time or is there a point that it becomes ingrained and cant be removed?

      Answer from us:

      There is a point where you’ll never be able to get it looking like new again. However you can certainly get it looking pretty good with a bit of work.

      It will probably look a bit cloudy once fully cleaned, but at least it won’t look dirty. You could always test on a small patch to see.

      I’d suggest using something like Wet & Forget or 30 Seconds roof treatment (suitable for polycarbonate, it’ll say on the packet). Apply this, then leave for the suggested period of time to allow it to do its work. Then you can use a sponge or cloth (nothing with bristles as that will scratch it), along with some soapy warm water/dish washing liquid. This should remove most of the residue that’s left.

      You can then just hose it off. Don’t use a water blaster as that can scratch it.

      For the joins, you may be able to curl up the edge a bit and get the cloth in there. Or you can loosen off the screws on the joins to be able to fully clean it.

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