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      A question from one of our customers:

      I am looking at purchasing 6 x 4800mm sheets.

      I am struggling to make a decision between clear or grey.

      The reason is my pergola is attached to the north-east side of the house. It’s really hot in the summer. It’s cold and dark in the winter because the neighbours have a huge pohutukawa tree that blocks most to the day’s sunlight. We live in a tiny block of units and we are looking at using the covered area year round. I worry that the clear will be too hot in the summer and grey will block too much sun light coming into the house in the winter. I will eventually install bistro blinds to close off the sides of the covered area.

      Can you please give me advise from your experience with covered outdoor areas?

      Our answer:

      Thanks for your email. It’s always difficult to tell how much to compromise between shade, and loss of light!

      Here are some things to consider.

      Using clear:
      You will get maximum light through, but also maximum heat.
      The pohutukawa will drop a lot of debris onto the roof and this will show up straight away on the clear.

      Using grey:
      This will reduce the heat making it more comfortable.
      It will also hide the dirt and leaves from nearby trees a lot better.
      If it’s over windows or ranch sliders it can make the interior of the house darker.

      The bronze is a compromise between the two, if the bronze would suit your colour scheme. One thing I always say is that tou can always make a clear sheet darker temporarily, using a shade sail or wave shade (like a horizontal blind), or sun umbrella underneath it. You can’t make a dark sheet lighter.

      Feel free to send a photo through and I can take a look at the situation.

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      Im interested in the outcome of the choice made here? I currently have the same predicament but by deck roof is S/E facing.

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      Hi Tony, good question!

      This customer ended up going with the grey and is very happy with it. He also considered opal to try and hide some of the debris from the tree, but decided against that as he wanted to see through the polycarbonate (which most people do).



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