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      A recent question from a customer:

      Hi Sunnyside team,

      We want to build a (lean to type ) greenhouse on the back of our woodshed with twinwall polycarb sheeting.

      Please can you send us info on what flashing, AL joiners, channels, and trims are available. I’m keen to figure out how the intersections between the roof and walls could work. Plus the options for making sliding doors like you see on ready made greenhouses.

      Much appreciated.

      Our answer:

      Thanks for your email.

      The Twinwall is definitely the easier product to use. Being flat, it’s a little easier to join onto things, put sliding doors in etc.

      Depending on where the roofline meets the woodshed, you may need an apron flashing there. You can either use our polycarbonate apron flashings. Or any standard metal flashing (generally cheaper) will be suitable.

      We have polycarbonate joiners for actually joining the Twinwall sheets together. Usually you’d put these on a rafter, or on a stud if being used on a wall.

      We also have aluminium F channels. Usually they’re used like a barge capping for overhead structures, but in your case you may wish to use them to connect your greenhouse walls to the wood shed. You can insert the Twinwall, then screw the F channel into the wood shed. Or you may not need if you have a timber stud to fasten into.

      For sealing the ends of the Twinwall (to stop dust and water getting in) we have U end caps and sealer tape.

      In terms of flashing the intersection between the greenhouse walls and roof: You could have a slight overhang of Twinwall which means you may not need a flashing. If they’re both secured to a timber frame. We don’t have an aluminium extrusion that would be the correct angle to actually fit both sheets into, where they join.

      Will you be using a timber frame for the greenhouse? If you did, it would be easier to make sliding doors. You’d just frame up the door, and then use Twinwall sheets as the sliding doors. You could install them on a sliding door kit available from most hardware stores.

      I hope all that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or would like me to price things up.

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