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      Aside from colours, there are a few other options you can choose when ordering.

      For custom sizes, order the closest size up. E.g. if you need 2140mm wide and 1830mm drop, order 2500mm wide by 2000mm drop.

      You can then put the exact sizes you need in the ‘order notes’ section when you checkout.

      Other options to put in the order notes:

      1. Crank handle to be left or right, as you look from inside out. This is where you will be raising and lowering it from. Think about where you’ll most likely have furniture or other items, you want to keep it clear of those.

      2. Awning to roll from the back or front, as you look from inside out (back roll is most common, i.e. rolling out closest to the outside). Think of it like a toilet roll. Do you want it rolling off the back or the front?

      3. If necessary, we also have a metal flashing available to go along the exposed edge of the roll. This is if it’s fixed and exposed to the weather, the flashing will protect the rolled up fabric/PVC and the unit.

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