SUNCOVER and STARCOVER polycarbonate roofing – Technical data sheet

    • Available in clear, bronze tint, grey tint and opal (white)
    • Lengths: 1.8m 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m and 7.2m
    • Can cut to exact length (delivery only)
    • SUNCOVER available in corrugate, STARCOVER in corrugate, Greca and 5-Rib
    • 0.8mm thickness
    • SUNCOVER 0.04mm, STARCOVER 0.06mm UV protective coating co-extruded
    • SUNCOVER 99.5%, STARCOVER 99.9% UV protection within UV wavelength 290nm-400nm
  • light_transmission_heat_reduction
  • STARCOVER_Profiles
    • Chemical name: Polycarbonate (poly-bisphenol-a-carbonate)
    • Thermal conductivity: 0.2 W/m C
    • UV-coating material: SABIC LEXAN EX7681T combined with SABIC LEXAN SLX1432T


    • Thermal expansion: 6.5 x 10(-5) cm/cm degC
    • Tensile strength: 630 kg/cm2
    • Flexural strength: 920 kg/cm2
    • Afterflame time: <30 sec
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Installation instructions


SUNCOVER and STARCOVER has a UV protective coating applied to one side. This must be the side that faces the sun.

There is writing along the edge of each sheet showing the coated side. If in doubt, contact Sunnyside for clarification or view the below video.

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For your safety:

  • Take care when working on a roof. Do not stand on the sheets directly, use walk boards.
  • Wear eye protecting when using cutting tools.
  • Sunnyside does not recommend collecting drinking water from any roof without appropriate filtration.

Set up

    • Ensure that your roof pitch is at least 5º (88mm rise per lineal metre). This will ensure correct water run-off.
  • roof_pitch
  • Allow for ventilation, especially at the highest point, to minimise heat build-up and provide air circulation. Good ventilation will also minimise condensation in cold weather.
  • Ensure the side that has UV protection is facing the sun. This is the side with an adhesive label or ink-jet marking on the edge. When installed as a wall or fence it is recommended that the UV protected side is facing the most sun. The life of the sheet may be shortened and discolouration may occur due to the unprotected side being exposed to UV radiation.
  • The sheet can be easily cut with a pair of shears, a fine-toothed handsaw or a circular saw with a cut-off blade suitable for plastic.
  • Temperature changes will cause expansion and contraction, so make allowances for thermal movement. Resistance to movement can cause buckling.
  • To ensure maximum performance of the sheet, and to avoid buckling, it is necessary to drill oversized holes and centre the fixings.

Purlin Spacings

    • For roofing purlin spacings, refer to the following table.
  • polycarbonate_purlin_spacings
  • For curved structures, the maximum purlin spacing should be 750mm and a minimum radius of 6000mm for the corrugated profile. For walls, nogging spacings should be no more than 1200mm. Use Noise Stop Tape on all battens, purlins or nogs to minimise the noises associated with expansion and contraction.



    • In normal conditions, use the fixing and purlin spacings shown in the following table.
  • fastening_spacings
  • As a guide, you will need approximately 7 screws per lineal metre. This depends on your purlin spacings and wind conditions. In high wind areas fix the sheet on every second corrugation on each purlin/batten. It is suggested that barge capping be used. Fix the sheet through the crests for roofing and through the valleys for walls.
  • Use at least 50mm fasteners to fasten your SUNCOVER or STARCOVER roofing sheets (65mm for the 5-Rib profile).
    • For roof laying, start with the lower sheets first, keeping side laps away from prevailing wind. Allow an end overhang of 50mm.
  • sheet_side_laps


  • Sunnyside recommends either Laserlite® One Shot® Fasteners for normal timber purlins or Alsynite Multipurpose Fasteners for high wind zones and/or metal purlins.
  • Both types of fasteners have built-in cutting devices that will pre-drill an expansion hole while you drill in the fastener. The expansion hole allows the sheet to expand and contract when the temperature changes.
  • One_Shot_fastener
  • Multi_Purpose_fastener

Polycarbonate Accessories

Depending on your installation design and location, you may need polycarbonate roofing accessories to ensure your roofing will last and perform the way it is designed to.

  • Metal back channel flashings help to prevent objects entering where the polycarbonate roof butts into fascias and walls.
  • Foam infill strips can help prevent objects entering in between the roof and the purlin it’s attached to.
  • Noise stop tape helps prevent your polycarbonate roof from creaking, which can be caused by changes in temperature.
  • Flashing_Back_Channel
  • Foam_Eave_Infill_Strips
  • Noise_Stop_Tape

Handling, storage and cleaning

  • Store sheets on a flat surface in a well-protected and shaded area, out of direct sunlight. Stacked sheets stored in the sun will cause heat build-up and possibly distortion, even if covered. If damage occurs in this situation, warranty is void.
  • Prevent moisture getting between stored sheets as this may cause whitening.
  • Clean sheets regularly with warm soapy water (mild detergent) and a soft sponge. Take care not to scratch the sheet. Hose down thoroughly.
  • Both Wet & Forget and 30 Seconds have products suitable for use on polycarbonate.
  • Avoid exposing your polycarbonate sheeting to excess heat from patio heaters. A distance of 1m should be kept between the sheets and the heater with adequate ventilation at all times and temperature to be below 90ºC beneath the sheeting.

Chemical Properties

  • SUNCOVER and STARCOVER Polycarbonate Roofing is affected by methylated spirits, benzene, petrol, ketones, acetone, phenols, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum-based paints, abrasive cleaners and solvents.

SUNCOVER and STARCOVER polycarbonate roofing warranty

SUNCOVER polycarbonate roofing sheets have a 10 year warranty and STARCOVER has a 15 year warranty as specified below. This warranty is provided by Sunnyside Limited and is from the date of delivery.

Under this warranty the liability of Sunnyside Limited is limited to the replacement or pro-rata replacement of the faulty material . It does not cover costs associated with the replacement of sheets, or any loss or consequential damage. Proof of purchase is required and an inspection by Sunnyside Limited may be necessary before removal.

As part of the ‘110% money back’ scheme, if the product fails within one year of delivery the customer shall be entitled to a full replacement or 110% of the original purchase price refunded.

SUNCOVER and STARCOVER is not covered under warranty if the installation and care instructions available from Sunnyside Limited are not adhered to.

SUNCOVER and STARCOVER warranty scope:

  1. Yellowing of the sheet surface: In accordance with the standard test of ASTM D1925, the yellowing index should remain at or below 3 within 3 years, and remain at or below 10 within 10 years for SUNCOVER and 15 within 15 years for STARCOVER.
  2. Fracturing by hailstones of up to 15mm in diameter for SUNCOVER and 25mm for STARCOVER accompanied by winds of up to 75km/hr for the first 10 years.
  3. The UV protection is evenly coated, at 0.04mm thick for SUNCOVER and 0.06mm thick for STARCOVER, on the sheet surface using advanced co-extrusion UV layer accumulation technology. The material is a high temperature type 12% Benzotriazole (UV-ray absorbing agent).
  4. Ultraviolet ray penetrability in a wave length of 300nm should be less than 0.5% for SUNCOVER and 0.1% for STARCOVER.
  5. Based on the standard test of ASTM D1003, the sheets should have 90% of the original percentage of light transmittance after 10 years for SUNCOVER and 85% after 15 years for STARCOVER.