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Suppliers of Great Quality Clear Plastic Roofing Material & Products in New Zealand - Family business, Family values


I’m Kurt, the third generation to sit in the Sunnyside driver’s seat.

At Sunnyside, we provide our customers with great-value, quality polycarbonate roofing supplies backed by excellence in customer service.

Quality products

We offer a whole range of quality clear plastic roofing products, as well as all the necessary accessories you’ll need.  Our stores in Auckland and Christchurch deliver nationwide to all cities including Wellington and Dunedin. 

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

When you deal with the owner-operator of this family business (that’s me) you’ll always enjoy personal service, good relationships and customer satisfaction. That’s why we have 100% positive feedback from our Trade Me customers.

And a truly personal approach

We believe we can set a new standard by combining a simple streamlined process with a truly personal approach - where I’m always available for free advice, where you get clear, helpful tips about how to install and care for your roof. And where you deal with a business owner who genuinely wants to know about your project and ensure its success.

In fact, for Auckland deliveries, it may even be me dropping off your order… so I’ll look forward to meeting you. Because that’s the Sunnyside way!


Kurt Breetvelt


Our first generation, Bram Breetvelt, came out to New Zealand from Holland in the 1950s. In 1963, he established the Sunnyside business, upcycling car cases into simple, yet practical, wooden sheds. Sunnyside then moved into the timber business and the second generation, Eric Breetvelt, took over the operation.

Eventually the rise of big box stores made the timber business unsustainable, so Kurt and his Dad started importing polycarbonate roofing, establishing Sunnyside Limited.

Today, Kurt runs the operation under the watchful eye of his son, Devon and with the occasional hand from his Dad.



We also like to give back to our local community.

Back in the day, both my Father and Grandfather worked with the Samoan community and the elderly.

Today, I’m actively involved in What Hope, a charity that engages and inspires the youth of South Auckland through various programs, activities and outings.


There was a guy I knew once. He wanted to buy some of that clearlite stuff. You know, the clear plastic roofing you put over your deck. Polycarbonate they call it.

On the way home from work he stopped by a hardware store. You know the type, the big box store in orange or green. He wandered around for 20 minutes looking for the polycarbonate roofing, and someone who could help him. For the life of him he couldn't find someone to talk to. Just as he'd get into an aisle with someone in it, they'd disappear round the corner. It was almost as if they were trying to hide from him.

Between the disappearing staff and the ones on stocktake, there was no one to be found. He did find someone but they just looked at him funny so he gave up.

Anyway, he finally finds the product himself. Not many options in store. He actually wanted a 3 metre sheet but they only had 3.6m. Oh well, looks like he'd have to waste a bit of it. A lighter tint would have been good too. Couldn't find that anywhere.

The little price sticker on the shelf had come off so he hoped it wasn't too expensive. Can't be that much, surely. A bit of a struggle and he's got the thing tied to the roof of his car. Should have brought the trailer. Looks a bit awkward but he's only going down the road.

Up to the counter he goes to get this thing over with. Starts to ask a few questions about installation and how long it's going to last. 'I'm not sure about that, I'll need to ask my supervisor' says the disinterested staff member. After a bit of a hunt around, they can't find their supervisor. Must be one of those disappearing ones.

On to the payment. How much!!?? Must be a mistake. But it's not. Too late to back out now, realising he should have shopped around.

The trip home was a bit hairy, those things catch a lot of wind. Should have rolled them up. But he got them home in one piece.

Job done, but it was a lot harder than it needed to be.

That person was Eric, the second generation Sunnyside manager. And that's the reason why we started selling polycarbonate roofing ourselves all those years ago.

It started with one thought: There must be a better way. An easier way!

And with that, Sunnyside moved from general building materials, to focussing exclusively on polycarbonate roofing and shade products.

If you're after clear plastic roofing, rest assured, you've come to the right place. We guarantee you that Sunnyside will be the easiest place in NZ to learn about, buy and use polycarbonate roofing.

Ordering clear roofing and outdoor shade shouldn't be that difficult! And it won't be.

  • No more hunting around trying to find someone who knows what they're talking about.
  • No more sending emails and getting a reply 5 days later (if at all).
  • No more being put on hold while they find someone who can answer your questions.
  • Why can't people just tell you the price without insisting on coming round to quote?
  • Why do you have to call someone and be passed around 3 different people?

What you will get from Sunnyside

  • The biggest range of polycarbonate roofing, ready to ship.
  • When you call us, the first person you get will know they're talking about, answer your questions, process your order, and they actually care.
  • Great pricing and a flat shipping rate of $35 for almost all of NZ.
  • Every phone call answered with a smile, and every missed call returned. In fact, people are constantly amazed that we return calls. Must be a rarity, but to us it's just second nature.
  • Every email answered, most within half an hour.
  • Technical support and advice. We've installed plenty of polycarbonate in our time. We're here to help make your project a success.
  • We don't sell anything we wouldn't be happy to use on our own home.
  • The assurance that you're dealing with a company that has been in business since 1966.

We were one of the first to start selling our products online, and we're still the easiest place you've ever bought polycarbonate roofing and shade products from.

Welcome to Sunnyside.

Our favourite word is 'easy'. The easy way to order outdoor roofing and shade. The Sunnyside way.