Guttersmart Foam Guard – 1m length



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Declutter your gutter with GUTTERSMART

The easy-to-install gutter foam insert that stops leaves and debris from sitting in your gutters.

  • $12 for a 1 metre length
  • $108 for a pack of 10

Free delivery! (non-rural). For rural please contact us and we’ll get a freight quote.

  • Sick of constantly cleaning gutters?
  • Seen how expensive gutter mesh is?
  • Want something that works, is easy to install, and is easy on the wallet?


  • Prevents leaves and debris from entering your gutters – much less standing on a ladder cleaning them out.
  • Simple DIY installation and maintenance, no complicated or intrusive installation systems.
  • Looks the best, no ugly bristles or unsightly mesh.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Around a fifth of the price of gutter mesh.
  • Easy to order, delivered directly to you. Free samples available.
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How it works

GUTTERSMART is a foam wedge that you simply place inside your gutter. No need for drilling, screwing, or lifting your roof to install. They come in 1m lengths and fit most gutters in NZ. They’re easy to trim with scissors or a knife, to fit the gutter or around the supporting brackets. And they can be butted together to cover the entire length of your gutter.

Once in place, most leaves, sticks and debris will pass over the gutter and be blown away. Water will pass right through the foam and run down into the spouting as usual. Unlike other products, the leaves will not get stuck in any bristles to slowly block up the gutters.

They’re easy to maintain, making them one of the simplest DIY systems available. While in place just hose or brush off any stubborn debris that hasn’t come off already. If absolutely necessary you can simply lift out, wash off with a hose, and reinsert.

Gutter foam inserts are proven for New Zealand conditions and seasons, and are often the only gutter protection product recommended by roofing and maintenance companies. They’re an effective barrier against almost everything including pohutakawa, pine needles, rimu, oak trees, totara and more.

Did you know that mosquitos love breeding in stagnant water or mushy gutters. Eliminate this with GUTTERSMART!

Every gutter protection system will need maintaining. This includes gutter guard, leaf guard, gutter mesh, leaf slide, gutter whiskers, gutter brush and anything else. There is no product available that will mean you will never need to clean your gutters again. But GUTTERSMART makes this as easy as possible, with no tools necessary, and much less regularly than other products.

Take a look

Gutter brush or gutter whiskers are easy to install, but get clogged very quickly with leaves or debris. So you still need to take them out regularly to wash them off.

Gutter mesh is incredibly expensive, even the DIY product. They still don’t stop everything and are a real hassle to unscrew or unclip, clean out, and reinstall.

GUTTERSMART is easy to install, simple to maintain, and extremely cost effective. They’re also the only system to stop small debris such as pine needles, kanuka or manuka (tea tree) leaves from getting into your gutter.

GUTTERSMART Installation Instructions

  1. Clean guttering and spouting before installing.
  2. Starting at the highest point, insert the gutter foam into the gutter, with the narrow point facing away from the house.
  3. If necessary, trim the narrow point to fit.
  4. Slide the gutter foam underneath the gutter brackets if it fits without being squashed. If you need to, you can cut a slit in the gutter foam to fit around or on top of them.
  5. Once you reach the end, cut the last piece to length.
  6. For corners, cut them at a 45 degree angle to join together.
Guttersmart gutter foam protection in Marley gutters and spouting