Foam Infill




Polycarbonate roofing foam infill

Foam infill strips can help prevent rain, dust, leaves and pests from entering in between the polycarbonate roofing and the purlin it’s attached to. They can also be used to seal gaps such as in between the sheet and the eave / soffit.

Corrugated (white) $15
-1 packet of 4 infill strips at 97.5cm each (3.9m joined together)

Greca (white) $12 (not available in store)
-1 packet of 4 infill strips at 76.0cm each (3.04m joined together)

5-Rib (grey) (not available in store)
-Narrow tip for under the sheet, 76.0cm (1 piece) $3
-Wide tip for on top of the sheet, 95.0cm (1 piece) $4

Custom Glaze (grey) (not available in store)
-2 x 621mm strips for top and bottom $9

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