Looking to buy clear polycarbonate roofing sheets? Check out our 'how to' and helpful instruction videos!

An introduction to Sunnyside

Whether you're building a pergola, conservatory, awning, greenhouse, carport or something else, we have the clear roofing to suit. Laserlite, profiled polycarbonate roofing, Twinwall, Custom Glaze, and accessories.

Just how tough is polycarbonate roofing?

Watch Devon put it to the test before you buy clear roofing from Sunnyside.

An introduction to polycarbonate roofing

Available in 3 profiles and 4 colours. It's an economical way to add cover to your outdoor space.

An introduction to Twinwall

An introduction to twinwall polycarbonate roofing from Sunnyside. Available in 6mm or 8mm, in clear, bronze, grey or opal.

An introduction to Custom Glaze

Custom Glaze is a clear, flat sheet designed to look like glass or acrylic, but without the cost and difficult installation.

The different polycarbonate colours

We have four different colours: clear, bronze tint, grey tint and opal (white).

This video shows each one held up against various backgrounds.

Opal and grey pergola examples

A video showing what it's like under a corrugated opal and a 5-Rib grey polycarbonate pergola.

The different Custom Glaze colours

We have three different colours: clear, bronze tint and grey tint.

This video shows each one held up against various backgrounds.

The different Twinwall colours

We have four different colours: clear, bronze tint, grey tint and opal (white).

This video shows each one held up against various backgrounds.

How to install polycarbonate roofing

This video shows an installation of a pergola roof over a deck, using corrugated opal sheets, noise stop tape and One Shot fasteners.

A recent installation

A time-lapse of 5-Rib grey Laserlite 1000 being installed on a pergola supplied by Aligola.

How to install an Omni Screen blind

A step-by-step video showing how to install our Omni Screen cafe blinds. This one has the side channels and flashing.

A recent installation of Omni Screen

A time-lapse of an Omni Channel outdoor blind being installed.

How to install an Ellipse Monobloc retractable awning

A video showing the installation of our extendable patio awnings. Simple enough for DIY installers.

A recent installation of a roll out awning

A time-lapse of an Ellipse retractable canopy awning being installed.

How to use polycarbonate fasteners

How to use the One Shot or Multipurpose polycarbonate fasteners.

How to cut polycarbonate sheets

Cutting profiled roofing, Twinwall and Custom Glaze with scissors, tin snips, a sharp handsaw and a knife.

How to clean polycarbonate roofing

We show two ways to clean polycarbonate roofing. With a soft sponge and warm soapy water and with 30 Seconds.

The sponge and water gives instant results. The roof treatment is less work, but still requires a sponge or brush a month or so later to get all of the sediment off.

Which side up?

Polycarbonate roofing has a UV protective coating on one side. It's important this side goes towards the sun to protect the rest of the sheet.

This is how to tell which side has the UV coating.

Meet Devon and Kurt from Sunnyside

Say hi to Devon, the fourth generation to join the family business.

A day in life of the Sunnyside trailer

Follow our trailer on its Auckland delivery run, from Green Bay to Whangaparaoa, to Tuakau, and everywhere in-between.

Kurt and Devon with polycarbonate samples

In this video Kurt shows Devon a few samples (or is it the other way around?)

Also by Sunnyside - hire or buy traffic cones

To buy or rent road cones in Auckland, visit cone.co.nz

Some more helpful videos from the web

How to install - Mitre 10

A great video from Mitre 10 covering a few more things to think about.

How to build a pergola - Mitre 10

How to actually build the structure the sheets will go on.

Note, the battens or purlins only need to be 800mm apart for the roofing.

How to build a pergola next to a house - Mitre 10

Similar to the previous one, this one's about building next to a house.

How to install guttering - Mitre 10

You may want guttering on your pergola. We can supply Marley spouting, this is how to install it.

How to cut acrylic (plexiglass)

Four different ways to cut Astariglas or Crystalite - scoring, jig saw, band (scroll) saw and bench saw. You can also use a sharp handsaw.