Yes, this has the same characteristics: virgin polycarbonate material, 0.8mm thickness and UV protection. It is also the same profile and runs into coloursteel easily.

SUNCOVER sheets come with a 10 year warranty and STARCOVER with a 15 year warranty.

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The Suncover has a 0.04mm UV protective coating and the Starcover has a 0.06mm coating. This is why Starcover has a 15 year warranty and Suncover has 10.

Starcover is also processed slightly differently making it optically clearer.

You’ll probably need fasteners which are specifically for polycarbonate roofing.

We also stock accessories: noise stop tape to stop creaking due to temperature change, foam infill to stop wind or debris going in-between the sheets and the purlins and we stock flashings.

If you don’t know what accessories you need, feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help.

Yes, the corrugated profile has the same wave length and pitch, and runs easily into coloursteel.

We also have Greca and 5-Rib profiles.

All colours block out 99.5% for SUNCOVER and 99.9% for STARCOVER of harmful UV rays. This is because the UV protection is applied to the top side of the sheet, and has nothing to do with the colouring in the sheet.

It’s important to ensure the sheet is installed with the UV coating facing upwards towards the sun.

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer. It is very strong, flexible and does not shatter. It also has a UV protective coating applied to it giving protection from the sun.

PVC is very cheap to produce however it goes brittle quickly and will generally only last a couple of years.

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Yes. Clearlite roofing generally refers to any type of clear plastic roofing.

There are three main types – polycarbonate roofing, fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and PVC.

Polycarbonate roofing is the clearest and strongest.

Condensation is caused when warm air collides with cold surfaces. So if the sheets are cold and the air inside is warm (i.e. you have it installed in a sun-room or similar) you will get condensation on the inside.

The only way to stop this is to ensure that the temperature under the sheets is the same as the temperature outside, by using adequate ventilation.

You should try to build your structure in such a way so you don’t have to use any sealants.

If you do need to, there are only a few that are suitable (most will adversely affect the polycarbonate). Ensure it says that it’s suitable for polycarbonate on the back.

The following are suitable:
HOLDFAST FixAll MS Crystal


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90% of our orders arrive within 5 working days, however some delays are out of our control.

We’ll do our best though!

We use Walker Logistics and Mainfreight for most of our deliveries. We don’t get a tracking number as it’s not like a normal courier.

However, if you want an update on your order feel free to get in touch!

No, we can pass on any special delivery instructions to the freight company so they can leave it in a safe place for you.
Yes, if you’re picking up we can help you roll it into a tube. I.e. 2.4m sheets will roll into a tube about 200mm wide and 2.4m long.

It’s then quite easy to tie onto roof racks or a trailer, the shorter sheets will even fit in a van or station wagon.


We buy direct from the factory (no middle-man).

We also have extremely low overheads. No huge building, no flash company cars, just good quality products at the best price you’ll find (trust us, we’ve looked).

Yes, this is free and no-obligation. We can send you a sample of all 4 colours and 3 profiles. That way you can see the colour and shape to make sure it’s exactly what you want before purchasing.

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We are available by appointment anytime between 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Please call us on the phone number listed before you come.