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Shadetex shade sail logo NZShadetex Shade Sails® are made from the highest quality materials, designed to withstand New Zealand’s often-extreme climate by a team of experienced sail-makers. With over 100 years of combined shade sail manufacturing experience, the team at NuRange are the leaders when it comes to outdoor canopies and sun shade products.

Kool Series heavy duty shade sails are built to last. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, they’re perfect for houses, patios, decks, cafes, playgrounds, schools, carports and any other residential or commercial outdoor areas.

Are you looking for an easy to install shade solution for your outdoor area? Don’t settle for less, buy the best.

  • Superior quality
  • Industry leading 13 year warranty
  • 90% UV block and high shade factor
  • 4 different shapes and 18 different sizes
  • 14 unique colours
  • High quality Shadetec 320 fabric
  • Stainless steel 316 D-rings
  • Double layered mildew resistant webbing
  • Triple stitched PTFE thread that will last the lifetime of the fabric without rotting
  • Nationwide delivery

Delivery from $9

Shadetex Shade Sails AvailabilityShadetex 320 colours for outdoor shade sails NZ

Price and availability

Shadetex-Shade-Sails-price-buy-online-from-Sunnyside-for-triangle-square-and-rectangle-shade-cloths-Sep-23Note: The shade sail measurements are taken from the shackle at each corner. They don’t include fixings or tensioners. Measurements are taken before the shade sail is stretched out. We recommend that a turnbuckle tensioner is used at each corner for best results.

Manufacturing lead time is 5 working days and shipping time is 2-6 working days.

We can also supply any custom-made shade sails and accessories available from Shadetex Sails (

  • Galvanised shade sail poles 3.5m to 8.0m long ranging from $388 to $1,922.
  • Stainless steel turnbuckles, shackles, eye bolts etc.
  • Various custom-made shade material or PVC options available. Perimeter up to 50m (sum of the length of all edges), 3 to 12 corners or attachment points.

Please enquire for pricing and availability, or view the full catalogue available here. Note: prices in catalogue are outdated. Add 5% to all prices listed. Only prices in catalogue excl. GST (all prices listed on our website incl. GST).


River Sand
River Sand Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Lava Red
Lava Red Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Forest Green
Forest Green Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Meadow Green
Meadow Green Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Carbon Black
Carbon Black Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Sunshine Yellow
Sunshine Yellow Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Canyon Tan
Canyon Tan Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Deep Sea Navy
Deep Sea Navy Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Charcoal Grey
Charcoal Grey Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Alpine Silver
Alpine Silver Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Desert Sand
Desert Sand Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Coastal Cream
Coastal Cream Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside
Arctic White
Arctic White Shadetec Shade Sail from Sunnyside

Installation considerations

Shade sails and are suitable for both residential and commercial areas. It’s now quite popular to use them over your patio, outdoor entertainment area, swimming pool and carport. Businesses are also using them on childcare centres, schools, playgrounds, cafes and more.

  • Regardless of where you’re installing it, there are a few factors you should consider. Not only should you be considering the quality of your shade sail, the quality of installation is just as important.
  • Building approval – always check with local councils for any relevant regulations
  • Location – the direction of the sun is the most important factor
  • Consider any dangers or obstacles such as water pipes, electrical cables, barbecues etc.
  • Think about where the prevailing wind comes from
  • Alternating high and low points on your shade sail will keep it tight and make it look better
  • Think about overlapping sails to get full shade coverage

Installation including posts, footings, fixings and fasteners are not an area you want to scrimp on! It may result in a loose or saggy shade sail. Or even worse, it may come loose or break away. It is definitely worth spending a little more time and money to ensure it’s installed correctly the first time around.

The shade sails are manufactured to have the seams facing the ground. The reason for this is so that dirt and moss doesn’t get caught and build up in the hems. This helps the sails stay cleaner for longer.

Brochures and installation

Kool series brochure
Kool Series shade sails brochure from Sunnyside thumbnail
Shadetec 320 fabric brochure
Shadetex 320 shade sail fabric brochure from Sunnyside thumbnail
Installation instructions
Shadetex Kool Series shade cloths installation instructions thumbnail
Guide for poles and footings
Guide for shade sail poles and footings thumbnail
Full Shadetex Sails catalogue. Note: prices in catalogue are outdated. Add 5% to all prices listed. Prices in catalogue excl. GST.
Shadetex Sails Catalogue Edition 7 Thumbnail

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