Suncover Polycarbonate Roofing




SUNCOVER Corrugated or Greca polycarbonate roofing sheets

  • Delivery available nationwide for $35 (click here for delivery map)
  • Limited lengths and colours available for pick up in Auckland or Christchurch

-10 year warranty against discolouration and brittleness
-Tough, optically clear, high quality
-Suitable for awnings, pergola roofing sheets, carports, greenhouses, gazebos, entrances, porches, walkways, conservatory roofing panels…and much more!

SUNCOVER polycarbonate plastic roofing sheets


Clear, bronze tint, grey tint or opal (opal not available in Greca)
Corrugated or Greca profile

Corrugated price
-1.8m $21
-2.1m $24
-2.4m $27
-2.7m $31
-3.0m $34
-3.6m $41
-4.2m $49
-4.8m $56
-5.4m $70
-6.0m $78
-7.2m $94

Greca price
-1.8m $26
-2.1m $30
-2.4m $34
-2.7m $38
-3.0m $43
-3.6m $51
-4.2m $59
-4.8m $68
-5.4m $76
-6.0m $85
-7.2m $102

Sunnyside clear roofing delivery matrix


-Corrugate 840mm wide (760mm cover)
-Greca 815mm wide (760mm cover)
-0.8mm thick
-99.5% 4th generation UV protection

Polycarbonate roofing greca corrugated profile

Light transmission / Heat reduction:


Technical specifications:

  • SUNCOVER 0.04mm, STARCOVER 0.06mm UV protective coating co-extruded
  • SUNCOVER 99.5%, STARCOVER 99.9% UV protection within UV wavelength 290nm-400nm
  • Chemical name: Polycarbonate (poly-bisphenol-a-carbonate)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.2 W/m C
  • UV-coating material: SABIC LEXAN EX7681T combined with SABIC LEXAN SLX1432T
  • Thermal expansion: 6.5 x 10(-5) cm/cm degC
  • Tensile strength: 630 kg/cm2
  • Flexural strength: 920 kg/cm2
  • Afterflame time: <30 sec


Polycarbonate roof sheets are the same profile as Coloursteel, iron and other polycarbonate, clearlite, PVC, plastic and clear lite products such as Suntuf, Tufclad Ultra, Laserlite, Solar Shield, Sunthru, Polysun, Eurolite, Solasafe, Norwest, Calypso, Astrolite, Sunline and SolarTuff.


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