Polycarbonate Fasteners



Polycarbonate fasteners

For profiled polycarbonate sheets (corrugated, Greca, 5-Rib). Not suitable for Twinwall, Custom Glaze or flat acrylic.

We have two different types available:

  • One Shot fasteners, the easiest for timber purlins (not suitable for steel)
  • Multipurpose fasteners, suitable for steel or timber purlins and high wind zones

The One Shot fasteners are very sharp and the washer starts at the bottom. Therefore they are easier to hold on the sheet when drilling. However, because they are so sharp, and start cutting the hole straight away, they do require more care to ensure they are exactly straight and don’t run off.

The Multipurpose fasteners have a larger washer that starts at the top. Because the drill point can be used on steel purlins as well, it is a little harder to hold on the sheet as it is not as sharp. However it is a lot more forgiving and doesn’t cut the oversized hole until the end. They can be easier for first time users or DIYers.

Price and availability

Delivery from $9

One Shot


  • Packet of 50 $45
  • Packet of 250 $216
  • Packet of 500 $346
  • Packet of 1,000 $692


  • Packet of 50 $45
  • Packet of 200 (65mm only) $165

Multipurpose 50mm or 65mm

  • Packet of 60 $45
  • Packet of 500 $331


  • 50mm (65mm for 5-Rib)
  • Galvanised
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Cuts a thermal expansion hole in the same action
  • 12 gauge (One Shot)
  • 14 gauge (Multipurpose)
  • Requires 5/16″ hex head drive
  • 26mm DEKS EPDM washer (Multipurpose)
  • Fully compliant with AS3566

See the table to work out how many you’d need, as an indicator you need about 7 per square metre.

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How to use polycarbonate fasteners
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