Custom Made Shade Sails


Shadetex shade sail logo NZDo you need a shade sail to fit a specific area?

Shadetex® custom made shade sails are just the thing. Designed to withstand New Zealand’s extreme climate, the team at Shade Systems are the leaders when it comes to sun shade products.

We can supply webbing or wire edge, 4 different fabrics, multiple colours, and various accessories.

  • Bespoke range – made to fit any space perfectly
  • Cover any area of any size with ease
  • Largest range of colours, shapes and sizes on the market
  • Industry best materials warranties

The first step is to choose webbing or wire edge.

Webbing edge

Shade sail webbing edge from SunnysideThis design is incredibly strong and the webbing style edges and corner configuration means that there is minimal wear and tear.

  • UV resistant polyester multi strand webbing
  • Super strong with a 30kN breaking load
  • Ultimate for coastal conditions

Wire edge

Shade sail wire edge from SunnysideThe easily adjustable wire cable around the perimeter makes this a very flexible type of shade sail that is also suited to exposed areas.

  • Various wire sizes from 4mm - 8mm
  • Easily adjustable for installers on site
  • 7 x 19 strand construction wire cable
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel

The next step is to choose your fabric.

Monotec 370

Introducing the strongest shade mesh on the market! Monotec 370 has been specifically developed for ultimate sun protection and longevity. Also, as the widest shade cloth available, your Monotec 370 sail is more aesthetically pleasing due to the reduction of unattractive seams. Developed in Australia, Monotec 370 is I00% Australian made. When you need top tier sun protection, look no further than Monotec 370.

  • Premium grade fabric – the strongest shade mesh available
  • Ideal for larger sails and structures
  • 15 year warranty – best in the industry!
  • Stain, dirt and grime resistant
  • Extra wide fabric (6.5m) so seams in sails are kept to a minimum
  • Eco-friendly - 100% recyclable

Monotec 370 colours for shade sail NZ

Monotec 370 Flame Retardant

Similar to the Monotec 370, the Monotec 370 FR is manufactured to be fire retardant.

  • Tested to Australian Standards AS1530.2 and AS1530.3
  • Passed Californian State Fire Marshall Title 19,1237.1 (1993)
  • 10 year warranty

Monotec 370 FR colours for shade sail NZ

Extrablock 330

The EXTRABLOCK 330 shade fabric has been specifically designed for use in tension structures and shade sails, but performs equally well when used on carpark structures, awnings and umbrellas. EXTRABLOCK is one of the worlds best FR rated shade cloths. It meets the California State Fire Marshall test for title 19.

  • High strength fabric
  • Controlled elongation
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Fire retardancy rated
  • Heat set (stentered)
  • Will not rot or support the development of mould and mildew

Extrablock 330 colours for shade sail NZ

Shadetec 320

Shadetec 320® is a commercial grade shade cloth fabric manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament and tape filament. All filament (or yarn) is lockstitch knitted together providing a very high strength fabric. Shadetec 320® is then heat set, which improves dimensional stability and consistency and ensures that the mesh will lie flat during fabrication. Shadetec 320® is ideal for small to medium size applications where a premium grade shade fabric is required.

  • High strength fabric ideal for smaller residential shade sails
  • 13 year warranty
  • Stain, dirt and grime resistant
  • Single colour filaments ensure consistent colour tone
  • Eco-friendly - 100% recyclable

Shadetec 320 colours for shade sail NZ

Price and availability

Please contact us with your requirements and we can send you a quote.

We need:

  • Dimensions
  • Number of attachment points
  • Webbing edge or wire edge
  • Fabric choice
  • Any accessories you need

As an example, the smallest and cheapest custom made shade sail would have a 9m perimeter, have 3 corners (e.g. be a 3 x 3 x 3m triangle) and be in Shadetec 320. This would be $794.

The largest and most expensive shade sail would have a 50m perimeter (massive!), have 12 attachment points (e.g. be a dodecagon shape) and be in Monotec 370 FR. This would be $9,042.

A common custom made size is usually a around 5 x 5m square. In this case, the prices for the various options would be as follows.

For a square shade sail with sides of 5m (20m perimeter), and 4 corners.

  • $1,473 - Webbing edge Shadetec 320
  • $1,639 - Webbing edge Extrablock 330
  • $1,706 - Webbing edge Monotec 370
  • $1,906 - Webbing edge Monotec 370 FR
  • $1,558 - Wire edge Shadetec 320
  • $1,724 - Wire edge Extrablock 330
  • $1,791 - Wire edge Monotec 370
  • $1,990 - Wire edge Monotec 370 FR

We can also supply various stainless steel accessories such as D-shackles, pipe turnbuckles, tensioners, chain, eye bolts, eye plates, wire, etc.

Delivery from $9

Shadetex Shade Sails Availability

Here is the full Shadetex Sails catalogue. This includes all prices on custom made shade sails, ready-made shade sails, and accessories. As well as installation considerations.

Note: The prices in the catalogue are outdated. Add 5% to all prices listed. The prices in the catalogue also exclude GST (other prices on our website include GST).

Shadetex Sails Catalogue Edition 7 Thumbnail

Brochures and installation

Shadetec 320 fabric brochure
Shadetex 320 shade sail fabric brochure from Sunnyside thumbnail
Extrablock 330 fabric brochure
Monotec 370 fabric brochure
Monotec 370 FR fabric brochure
Guide for poles and footings
Guide for shade sail poles and footings thumbnail
Measuring instructions

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