Sunnyside Scribbles November 2021


Omni Screen: outdoor blinds for your summer spacesSleek, stylish and durable, the Omni Screen incorporates smart design and practicality, with instant shade and privacy thanks to the easy-to-operate roller system.  Create some shelter from the sun, wind, rain and insects with this beautiful and versatile addition to your patio, deck or outdoor area.Omni Screen is available in PVC (clear or tinted) … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles October 2021


What is a structural glazing assembly? It is a unique system designed to provide a joining, mounting, and sealing solution for various glazing materials. Suitable for glass, flat polycarbonate, Twinwall, and acrylic, it uses a top-cap compression clamping method to provide a positive clamping pressure onto the sheet. This creates an effective weather tight seal. Simple, powerful, and with a tidy … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles September 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Crystalite: uniquely designed, universally enjoyed We do our research when it comes to supplying products, to ensure we’re offering the best quality on the market. So we have no problem with getting behind Alsynite’s popular and effective glazing panels: Crystalite Alsynite Crystalite is 250 times stronger than glass. Shatter resistant, their high impact durability doesn’t stop these … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles August 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Roofing Iron: proving popular with Kiwi builders New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty comes at a cost – it’s also one of the harshest environments in the world. Intense UV damage, salt-laden air and heavy weather conditions are just some of the factors we deal with when building our homes, sprucing up our outdoor areas or simply installing a garden … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles July 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade   GUTTERSMART: the best way to declutter your gutter As builders and homeowners, we know the frustration of clogged gutters creating a waterfall, rotting leaves piling up in your spouting, and the endless cycle of cleaning up / another storm / cleaning up / another storm… Introducing GUTTERSMART Prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutters Spend less time … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles June 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Devan Tanks: a wet winter winner Make the most of the rain over winter with a new product added to our line up. With ongoing water shortages (especially in Auckland), this could be a good idea! Devan Water Tanks are manufactured from the highest quality food grade polyethylene, giving long life and trouble free service. Did you … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles May 2021 – Winter Rains & Inspiration


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Ain’t no rain gonna stop this spouting Make sure your roof is ready for the rainy season with Marley spouting – a new product line, just in time for winter! Marley products are known for their longevity and clean style. And we supply the leading products on the market. For example, check out one of New Zealand’s most … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles April 2021 – Introducing the newest Cast Acrylic Sheet and the smallest (and liveliest!) member of our team


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Hello from the Sunnyside Team! This is the launch of our monthly eNews – we’ll keep it short ‘n’ sweet! – and we hope you’ll stick around. You’ll get helpful tips and fresh ideas, links to featured products or video tutorials, and the odd little story or peek behind the scenes. This month we’re excited to introduce you to Astariglas … Read More

Why did we start selling polycarbonate roofing?



There was a guy I knew once. He wanted to buy some of that clearlite stuff. You know, the clear plastic roofing you put over your deck. Polycarbonate they call it. On the way home from work he stopped by a hardware store. You know the type, the big box store in orange or green. He wandered around for 20 … Read More

Newsletter: Sick of cleaning your gutters?



Welcome to the latest news from Sunnyside!September 2019 Introducing GuttersmartGuttersmart foam guard is the latest product to be offered by Sunnyside.Most places sell these for around $14 a metre. We’ve got them for $9 a metre. Order now, in time for spring and all the leaves to come back on the trees! Sunnyside SurveyWe recently sent a survey out to … Read More

Newsletter: Your intro to polycarb roofing



A Beginner’s Guide to Polycarbonate Roofing Have you got a project you’d like to use Polycarbonate Roofing on? Then here’s some useful information you need to know. Sunnyside’s profiled polycarbonate roofing is ideal for all sorts of practical uses, including awnings, pergolas, carports, greenhouses, shelters and almost anything you can think of. It’s available in: 4 colours 3 profiles Up … Read More

Newsletter: Check out Sunnyside customer projects



Awesome Customer Projects Last month, we invited Sunnyside customers to send in photos of their recent projects. As a reward, they were given a Sunnyside gift of their choice. Here are some of our favourite projects. Charles’ Country Pergola Allen’s awesome outdoor space Jason’s summer shady spot Discover the Plastic that looks like Glass! Have you discovered Custom Glaze yet? … Read More

Newsletter: Introducing Twinwall


twinwall laserlight roofing twinwall roofing laserlite roofing twin wall polycarbonate roofing twin wall polycarbonate sheet nz

Introducing Amazing Laserlite Twinwall Laserlite Twinwall is a fantastic alternative to glass. It’s light-weight and flexible, with high impact strength. This extremely attractive material features two exterior plastic sheets connected by a vertical plastic support every few millimetres, creating multiple internal cells. Super-Tough, with Unobstructed RunsThis gives Twinwall remarkable rigidity and strength, while remaining extremely lightweight. This means you can … Read More

Newsletter: How to clean your clear roofing


Welcome to the latest news from Sunnyside February 2019 How to Clean Your Clear RoofingAs we know, clear roofing is a great way to add sheltered, usable outdoor space to your home. However, because it is outdoors over time it will get dirty, with sediment building up in the valleys. Lichen, moss, mould and mildew may also grow on the … Read More

Unique feedback of over 1,000 on Trade Me – 100% positive too!

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Devon’s super-proud of us achieving unique feedback of 1,000 on Trade Me. Buying products online (especially building products) can be daunting. Will it get delivered on time? Is it good quality? Can I trust this seller? We’ve been selling on Trade Me since 2009. And we’re proud to have maintained our 100% positive feedback status since then. Thanks to all … Read More

Newsletter: Don’t be a lobster


Welcome to the latest news from Sunnyside Don’t be a lobster this summer! The New Zealand summer sun can be a real killer. It blasts us with its powerful UV rays and turns many of us into bright red lobsters. But we don’t have to turn into sunburnt crispy crustaceans this summer. Instead, Install STARCOVER premium polycarbonate roofing from Sunnyside over that … Read More

Newsletter: The rise of construction’s youngest CEO


He’s the voice and face of the company… yet he’s only three-years-old. What the hey? ———————————————————— As you know, Sunnyside Clear Roofing is a family-owned business run by me, Kurt Breetvelt. I’m the third generation to sit behind the Sunnyside steering wheel. So that makes my son, Devon, generation number 4. He appears in radio commercials with me, has his … Read More

How to choose an installer



One of the more common questions we’re asked is: “Who should I get to install your product?” A lot of people install our products themselves, especially the basic profiled polycarbonate. There are installation guides and tips on our website, as well as links to some other installation videos. However, you may not be in a position to install. So now … Read More