Sunnyside Scribbles – May 2024



Topglass®: TWO TYPES – ENDLESS USES Topglass® is a translucent glass-reinforced plastic roofing product that has been specifically developed to combat the effect of UV rays and atmospheric pollutants. It’s commonly used in commercial and industrial applications. GC (GEL COAT)With a 130 micron EXO-SET 206 Premium Gelcoat applied to the weather surface of the sheeting, Topglass® GC offers exceptional resistance against corrosive atmospheres and provides protection against … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles – April 2024


Alsynite Custom Glaze flat polycarbonate in grey

Discover the Plastic that looks like Glass Do you know why Custom Glaze is one of our favourite products? This remarkable premium product is flat polycarbonate designed to look like glass or acrylic. ENJOY CLEAR, OPEN VIEWSBecause the sheets are 600mm wide, you need a lot less supporting structure – which means you get nice, big, clear, open areas of vision. You’ll find … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles – March 2024


Custom made shade cover from Sunnyside NZ

CUSTOM MADE SHADE SAILS Need a shade sail to fit a specific area? Shadetex® custom made shade sails are just the thing… Designed to withstand New Zealand’s extreme climate, the team at Shade Systems are the leaders when it comes to sun shade products. -Bespoke range – made to fit any space perfectly-Cover any area of any size with ease-Largest range of … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles – Summer 2023


Clear flat glazing sheets

Christmas Combined Special If you’re after a solid flat clear roofing solution take a look at our combined product special: FLAT POLYCARB ROOFING + JOINING SYSTEMfrom $197 per square meter Combined together, these two products make a beautiful and high quality outdoor clear roofing solution. And for a limited time, we’ve secured some amazing pricing on these products, packaging them into a Christmas … Read More

Polycarbonate roofing for Property Maintenance Managers

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A day in the life of a Property Maintenance Manager… …could mean dealing with contractors, sub-contractors, machinery and materials – or all of the above! Managing a property or overseeing a large project can be complicated and chaotic, but we’re here to make your job as simple and stress-free as possible. So what does Sunnyside bring to the table? You … Read More

Polycarbonate roofing for Domestic Gardeners

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Suncover corrugated clear polycarbonate used on a greenhouse

Did you know that gardening is one of the best activities for overall health? “Gardening increases life satisfaction, vigor, psychological well being, and cognitive function (Forbes).” Gardening even boosts our mental health! Fresh air, green plants and warm sunshine are effective ingredients to lighten your mood and melt away stress. And domestic gardeners get plenty of all three. Speaking of … Read More

Polycarbonate roofing for Agriculture / Horticulture

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Agriculture meets Polycarbonate Did you know that cattle need protection from harsh weather too? Not only can New Zealand’s UV rays adversely affect their skin and liver, but without adequate shade in which to rest and ruminate, they can suffer severe heat stress – especially dark coated cattle. If your farm is lacking tree belts or natural shade in some … Read More

Polycarbonate roofing for Tradespeople

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You don’t have to be a big business to get great deals on building materials. We’ve made it easier and more affordable for smaller companies – or even sole traders – to purchase stock as and how you need to. By purchasing locally from factories, we get materials sent directly from the source to you – no middle man required! … Read More

Polycarbonate roofing for DIYers

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Are you a DIYer? Not a homeowner? Don’t have a backyard? We’ve got something for you anyway! The diversity of our products and tools means we can cater to a broad audience. And Polycarb in particular can be used for almost any project… How about building a mini greenhouse on the deck? Or a windshield/viewing screen for your pets? You … Read More

Polycarbonate roofing for Home Owners

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Why should home owners who want to… …check out Sunnyside? Because we’re cost-conscious, DIY-keen, house-proud homeowners too! Dream of renovating your entryway? Need to extend that outdoor space or make the most of your deck? Wanna throw up a playhouse (or greenhouse!) in your backyard? Been there – done that! That’s how we know we can help you achieve the … Read More

Retractable Awnings

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Ellipse retractable awning NZ

When it comes to outdoor shade with style, we’ve found the smoothest player in the league: Shade Elements Retractable Awnings With its clean lines and sleek apperance, the Ellipse Monobloc Awning encapsulates simplicity and charm. It also provides a generous area of coverage – a width of up to five meters! – making it ideal for shading French doors, running … Read More

Get ready for summer with our Shade Sails!

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Outdoor canpies and shade sails for schools NZ from Sunnyside

New Zealand is known for its harsh UV intensity, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying our fresh and beautiful outdoors as the warmer weather approaches. A pop of colour to take on summer! Shadetex Shade Sails® are suitable for both residential and commercial areas. You’ll see them over patios, outdoor entertainment areas, swimming pools, carports, childcare centers, schools, playgrounds, … Read More

One Shot® Fasteners

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Installing a Polycarbonate roof is simple and straightforward – but the prep can be something else! If you know, you know… That’s why we’re proud providers of One Shot® fasteners. A tried and tested fixing screw, these fasteners offer a “one shot” method – cutting an expansion hole AND fixing a screw, all in one sweep! No more drilling individual … Read More

Sick of constantly cleaning gutters? Use Guttersmart.

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Want something that’s easy to install and is easy on the wallet? Considering a gutter foam leaf guard type product? Introducing GUTTERSMART – a 1m length foam wedge that is ready to go.  Simply place inside your gutter!  No need for drilling, screwing, or lifting your roof to install. They fit most gutters in NZ, and they’re easy to trim … Read More

Sun Umbrellas

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Outdoor sun umbrellas have to be one of the most dynamic and fun shade options out there! The Peros Shadebrella Collection™ – a firm Kiwi favourite since 1950 – is no exception, with a HUGE range of colours, bases, various canopy sizes and even protection covers. We sell the 3 most popular styles, so here’s a roundup of them all… … Read More

Outdoor Blinds

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It’s not often we start a product description with the word “beautiful”, but our outdoor roller blinds are just that. Sleek, stylish and versatile, the Omni Screen Roller Blind incorporates smart design and practicality. Say “hello” to instant privacy and shade! Thanks to the easy-to-operate roller system, these blinds are a dream to install and use.  Check out our time … Read More

Twinwall Polycarbonate – from Alsynite Roofing

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Twinwall polycarbonate

You’ve heard of Polycarbonate, but have you heard of Twinwall Polycarbonate?! The double-walled polycarbonate glazing sheet. Twinwall roofing is a hollow structure with a double wall. It’s flat and lightweight, just like a standard polycarbonate glazing sheet. But due to its hollow structure, Laserlite 2000+ Twinwall from Alsynite roofing has outstanding light transmission and insulation properties. This makes it the … Read More

Kitsets, Acrylic, and Glazing Bars

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Kitset gazebo with aluminium bars and glazing panels

Here at Sunnyside, we’re known for our fast service, range of options and customer satisfaction.  But it’s not just about providing quality stock in mainstream products. We also provide the means to put those materials to good use. Glazing bars, kitsets and various assembly items are just some of the extras we supply. And then we go one step further … Read More

Laserlite Roofing

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laserlite 1000 clearlite roofing logo

The Laserlite roofing brand has been around for years, and is one of New Zealand’s highest performing polycarbonate roofing products.  Here at Sunnyside we’ve been using and selling Laserlite for a long time. What makes it special? Laserlite has a thicker UV protective coating than Suncover and other entry level products, giving it a longer warranty.  It’s also incredibly easy … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles – Winter 2023



Outdoor Roofing and Shade Winter Discount Now OnlineGet a 5% discount with Sunnyside! Winter may not be the best time for outdoor renovations, but we’ve decided to make it the best time to stock up for a great summer of DIY or commercial building projects. Use our online code: WINTER23 Or mention it when you phone in for a quote or … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles – Summer 2022


Shadetex Shade Sails from Sunnyside - home

Summer shade in all shapes and sizesSummer is coming in fast, and experts are warning Kiwis to be extra cautious this summer.  Why the extra caution? Our ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels in 2022 are averaging much higher compared to 2021. A UV index level of 3 or more is enough to cause skin damage, leading to premature aging and increasing the risk of skin … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles – Spring 2022


Ellipse retractable awning NZ

The chaos of the building industry – and how we can helpMassive price increases, no availability, ridiculous lead times, stressed companies, terrible delivery service, lost or damaged goods… Why is it so hard to get building materials these days??! Of course “pandemic” is the reason that springs to mind for most of us. Sunnyside has been in business for over 50 years, … Read More

What is going on with building materials at the moment?


Frustration with building supplies in NZ from Sunnyside polycarbonate roofing

Massive price increases, no availability, ridiculous lead times, stressed companies, terrible delivery service, lost or damaged goods… Why is it so hard to get building materials these days? Since we’ve been in business for over 50 years, we’ve seen a lot of cycles. If you’re wondering what on earth is going on with the building supplies industry at the moment, … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles November 2021


Omni Screen: outdoor blinds for your summer spacesSleek, stylish and durable, the Omni Screen incorporates smart design and practicality, with instant shade and privacy thanks to the easy-to-operate roller system.  Create some shelter from the sun, wind, rain and insects with this beautiful and versatile addition to your patio, deck or outdoor area.Omni Screen is available in PVC (clear or tinted) … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles October 2021


What is a structural glazing assembly? It is a unique system designed to provide a joining, mounting, and sealing solution for various glazing materials. Suitable for glass, flat polycarbonate, Twinwall, and acrylic, it uses a top-cap compression clamping method to provide a positive clamping pressure onto the sheet. This creates an effective weather tight seal. Simple, powerful, and with a tidy … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles September 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Crystalite: uniquely designed, universally enjoyed We do our research when it comes to supplying products, to ensure we’re offering the best quality on the market. So we have no problem with getting behind Alsynite’s popular and effective glazing panels: Crystalite Alsynite Crystalite is 250 times stronger than glass. Shatter resistant, their high impact durability doesn’t stop these … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles August 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Roofing Iron: proving popular with Kiwi builders New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty comes at a cost – it’s also one of the harshest environments in the world. Intense UV damage, salt-laden air and heavy weather conditions are just some of the factors we deal with when building our homes, sprucing up our outdoor areas or simply installing a garden … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles July 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade   GUTTERSMART: the best way to declutter your gutter As builders and homeowners, we know the frustration of clogged gutters creating a waterfall, rotting leaves piling up in your spouting, and the endless cycle of cleaning up / another storm / cleaning up / another storm… Introducing GUTTERSMART Prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutters Spend less time … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles June 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Devan Tanks: a wet winter winner Make the most of the rain over winter with a new product added to our line up. With ongoing water shortages (especially in Auckland), this could be a good idea! Devan Water Tanks are manufactured from the highest quality food grade polyethylene, giving long life and trouble free service. Did you … Read More

Sunnyside Scribbles May 2021 – Winter Rains & Inspiration


Outdoor Roofing and Shade Ain’t no rain gonna stop this spouting Make sure your roof is ready for the rainy season with Marley spouting – a new product line, just in time for winter! Marley products are known for their longevity and clean style. And we supply the leading products on the market. For example, check out one of New Zealand’s most … Read More