Polycarbonate roofing for DIYers

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Are you a DIYer? Not a homeowner? Don’t have a backyard?

We’ve got something for you anyway!

The diversity of our products and tools means we can cater to a broad audience.

And Polycarb in particular can be used for almost any project…

How about building a mini greenhouse on the deck? Or a windshield/viewing screen for your pets?

You don’t need your own home or even your own garden to enjoy the satisfaction of a project that provides outdoor shade, supports your hobbies, or helps to home your pets. If you’re a keen DIYer, there are lots of options.

Try a shade shelter for your doggos, or a new lid for your aquarium – one that’s lightweight, stronger than glass and will last for a very long time.

Polycarb can even be used for walls, dividers, or interior design!

LED light bubble wall, anyone?

We know DIY is about more than just roofing, so we’re proud to offer products that can be used in a variety of different ways.

Just add a little Kiwi ingenuity.

We also know our open ideas, hands-on experience and friendly assistance make us the perfect cheering squad for any DIY-ers. 

After all, we’re a DIY crew ourselves!


We have an entire Ideas Gallery to get you started, and we’re also on Pinterest.

Or give us a call (or drop us an email) and tell us about your living scene and what you hope to bring to it.

We’ll help you dream, plan and get started…

That’s the Sunnyside Way!