Sunnyside Scribbles – April 2024


Alsynite Custom Glaze flat polycarbonate in grey
Discover the Plastic that looks like Glass

Do you know why Custom Glaze is one of our favourite products?

This remarkable premium product is flat polycarbonate designed to look like glass or acrylic.
Because the sheets are 600mm wide, you need a lot less supporting structure – which means you get nice, big, clear, open areas of vision. You’ll find it’s perfect if you want an architectural or contemporary look with real class.
Two-and-a-half times thicker than our standard polycarbonate, Custom Glaze is super strong. And it comes with a very impressive 25-year warranty.

-Choose from 4 colours
-99.9% UV protection
-Affordable and easy to install

Custom Glaze is a lot more affordable and easier to fit than glass.

To install it, you need supporting purlins 1500mm apart. Ideally, you’d space your rafters 610mm apart so you can hide the joins.

For your next project – and to get a great deal on premium Custom Glaze roofing – come and see us at Sunnyside!

Watch our 1-min video where Kurt explains custom glaze – and why we rate it!

Don’t Screw It Up!

The type of fastener you use on roofing materials really does matter – incorrect screws can cause cracking and leakage, or drastically shorten the lifespan of your build.

For Custom Glaze roofing, we sell Multipurpose Weatherlock Fasteners designed specifically for this product.

Or check out our video tutorial , for an overview on the various types of screws and fasteners – and which one is best for your project!

Don’t screw it up – use the right type of fastener!

Did you know you can rent orange traffic cones from Sunnyside?

If you need them for a temporary gig – or if you just want to get 8 instead of 800! – give us a call or drop us a line today.

-NZTA TTMC/CoPTTM compliant
-900mm high, 4.5kg
-Easy to stack and release
-Can be used with barrier arms and sign holders
-Tear resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
-UV and chemical resistance
-Quality recessed 3M cone collars
-Impact tested
-Feet allow water to flow underneath
-Base size (mm) 366Lx366Wx50H, cone radius at base 214mm

STOP THE PRESS – 100% reply rating ??
Yep, it’s true – here at Sunnyside, no one gets left behind.

Every email answered
Every missed call returned
Every message or text replied to

Our experienced staff will provide an answer – or chase possibilities until they find it for you!

We use the products we sell, so we know them well. Plus, as builders and diy-ers ourselves, we can offer hands-on and practical advice and trouble shooting.

We love chatting to customers about their visions and ideas. We offer as much input as you need, and we can walk alongside you from start to finish – cheering you on every step of the way!
Our team works hard to support and assist all of our customers – so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re all about the personal (and helpful) experience

That’s the Sunnyside Way!

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