Sunnyside Scribbles – May 2024



Topglass® is a translucent glass-reinforced plastic roofing product that has been specifically developed to combat the effect of UV rays and atmospheric pollutants.

It’s commonly used in commercial and industrial applications.

With a 130 micron EXO-SET 206 Premium Gelcoat applied to the weather surface of the sheeting, Topglass® GC offers exceptional resistance against corrosive atmospheres and provides protection against solar deterioration.
With a heavy-duty, woven reinforcing system within the resin providing exceptional strength, Topglass® GC Ultra-Safe makes the roofing trafficable.


Use Topglass® GC for:
-Roof and wall lighting for commercial and industrial buildings requiring long-term natural lighting without early surface degradation
-Public outdoor areas requiring good UV protection
-Fertiliser, chemical and powder-coating plants
-Wool scouring facilities
-Waste water treatment plants
-Salt extraction facilities and severe marine environments
-Wood pulp and paper plants

Use Topglass® GC Ultra-Safe for:
-Educational facilities and public assembly areas where there is a danger of people climbing onto a roof
-Natural roof lighting where safety mesh is not installed
-Any other application that requires the roofing to be trafficable

It’s the little things…There’s nothing worse than relaxing under your brand new deck shelter, only to have it squeak and pop with every breath of wind.

Introducing: NOISE STOP TAPE

Noise stop tape helps prevent your polycarbonate or acrylic roof from creaking, which can be caused by changes in temperature (expansion and contraction). The tape is applied along the purlins and is self-adhesive on one side.

Other uses include:
-Door and window seals
-Panel sealing and weather-proofing
-Scratch protection
-Access door closure seals
-Vibration isolation

Not only do we offer a wide range of roofing products and a wealth of experienced advice – we also provide little extras that help make the job (and the end results!) that much better.

Kiwis supporting Kiwis

As tough economic times hit the globe, New Zealand businesses and employees need our support more than ever.

Here’s at Sunnyside Roofing Ltd, we are proud to be:

Locally owned and operated
Keeping all profits within New Zealand
Supporting Kiwis and their business and work since 1966

That’s the Sunnyside Way.
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