UGS Polycarbonate Solid Glazing Sheet





UGS longlife flat polycarbonate sheets are a widely used engineering thermoplastic. They have excellent mechanical, optical and thermal properties. Made from high quality virgin Bayer polycarbonate resin, these flat glazing panels are ideal for a wide range of architectural roofing and glazing applications.

These polycarbonate sheets are similar looking to our acrylic roofing options such as Crystalite or Astariglas. Acrylic is generally a cheaper option and has better resistance to chemicals. However, polycarbonate has better flame retardancy so is generally the only product suitable to be specified (and consented) on commercial projects.

  • UV protected on both sides
  • 10 year warranty
  • Light weight with high impact resistance
  • Flame retardant (suitable for commercial buildings)

Not available for pick up (sent direct from factory) - delivery available nationwide (non-rural) (click here for delivery details).

    As the panels are heavier than our standard polycarbonate roofing, someone will generally need to be there to assist the driver upon delivery.

    Price and availability

    You can order online, or email or call us with your order. We will send you an invoice for credit card or direct debit payment.

    6mm clear or tinted
    580mm wide sheets for 600mm rafter spacings

    • 4050mm – $428
    • 6050mm - $639

    8mm clear or tinted
    730mm wide sheets for 750mm rafter spacings

    • 4050mm – $719
    • 6050mm - $1069
    UGS polycarbonate clear
    UGS polycarbonate tinted
    Flat Polycarbonate Glazing Availability


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