Premium Polycarbonate (delivery only)




STARCOVER premium polycarbonate roofing sheets

  • Not available for pick up – nationwide delivery $35 (click here to view delivery map)
  • This has a thicker UV protective coating than the Suncover standard product, giving it a longer warranty

-15 year warranty against discolouration and brittleness
-Premium quality polycarbonate clear plastic roofing sheets available in corrugate, Greca and 5-Rib
-Suitable for commercial buildings, designer homes…and much more!


Clear, bronze tint, grey tint or opal (opal not available in Greca or 5-Rib)
Corrugated, Greca or 5-Rib

Corrugated or Greca prices
-1.8m $28
-2.1m $33
-2.4m $38
-2.7m $42
-3.0m $47
-3.6m $56
-4.2m $66
-4.8m $75
-5.4m $84
-6.0m $94
-7.2m $112

5-Rib prices

-1.8m $42
-2.1m $49
-2.4m $57
-2.7m $63
-3.0m $70
-3.6m $84
-4.2m $99
-4.8m $112
-5.4m $126
-6.0m $141
-7.2m $168


Sunnyside clear roofing delivery matrix


-Up to 840mm wide (760mm cover)
-0.8mm thick
-99.9% 4th generation UV protection


Note: The 5-Rib profile fits Dimond Styleline, Metalcraft T-Rib, or Trimdek roofing profiles.

Light transmission / Heat reduction:


Technical specifications:

  • SUNCOVER 0.04mm, STARCOVER 0.06mm UV protective coating co-extruded
  • SUNCOVER 99.5%, STARCOVER 99.9% UV protection within UV wavelength 290nm-400nm
  • Chemical name: Polycarbonate (poly-bisphenol-a-carbonate)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.2 W/m C
  • UV-coating material: SABIC LEXAN EX7681T combined with SABIC LEXAN SLX1432T
  • Thermal expansion: 6.5 x 10(-5) cm/cm degC
  • Tensile strength: 630 kg/cm2
  • Flexural strength: 920 kg/cm2
  • Afterflame time: <30 sec


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