Topglass GRP Fibreglass Roofing


Topglass® is a cost effective natural lighting solution. This translucent roofing has been specifically developed to combat the effect of UV rays and atmospheric pollutants, without the yellowing and rapid product degradation associated with other available glass reinforced roof sheeting.

It comes in a range of different profiles and colours.

We have two different types of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) roofing products available.

  • Topglass® GC (gel coat) - Long lasting, high tech translucent roofing
  • Topglass® GC Ultra-Safe - For a trafficable natural lighting product


  • Commercial and industrial
  • Schools
  • Farm Buildings
  • Public outdoor areas requiring excellent UV protection
  • Other projects where long-term high quality natural lighting is required

    Topglass® GC

    topglass-gc-logo-sunnysideTopglass® GC is the flagship of the Topglass® natural lighting family of products. Using an innovative process, a 130 micron* EXO-SET 206 Premium Gelcoat is applied to the weather surface of the sheeting.

    It offers exceptional resistance against corrosive atmospheres and provides protection against solar deterioration.

    Topglass Gel-Coat Applications

    • Roof and wall lighting for commercial and industrial buildings requiring long-term natural lighting without early surface degradation
    • Public outdoor areas requiring good UV protection
    • Fertiliser, chemical and powder-coating plants
    • Wool scouring facilities
    • Waste water treatment plants
    • Salt extraction facilities and severe marine environments
    • Wood pulp and paper plants

    Click for further details from the Alsynite website.

    Topglass® GC Ultra-Safe

    topglass-gc-ultrasafe-logo-sunnysideTopglass® GC Ultra-Safe addresses industry concerns related to natural roof-lighting being classified as “brittle” and potentially posing a danger to foot traffic on the roof. Alsynite has developed a solution for this. Aptly named Topglass® GC Ultra-Safe, the product utilises a heavy duty, woven reinforcing system within the resin providing exceptional strength.

    If you are looking for a trafficable natural lighting roof product then Topglass® GC Ultrasafe is the product you want.

    Topglass GC Ultra-Safe Applications

    • Educational facilities and public assembly areas where there is a danger of people climbing onto a roof
    • Natural roof lighting where safety mesh is not installed
    • Any other application that requires the roofing to be trafficable

    Click for further details from the Alsynite website.

    Price and availability

    Some standard lengths, profiles and colours are kept in stock at the manufacturers. Anything else is made to order (subject to minimum order quantities).

    • Sheets are sold per lineal metre
    • Freight is TBC depending on length, quantity and location
    • North Island is up to 31m
    • South Island is up to 18m
    • A pilot vehicle is required for anything longer than 21m

    All prices incl. GST.

    Delivery from $49


    Profiles up to 850mm wide

    • 2400gsm clear - $68.19 per lineal metre
    • 3050gsm clear - $ 82.67 per lineal metre
    • Enquire for other tints

    Profiles 850mm - 1100mm wide

    • 2400gsm clear - $75.21 per lineal metre
    • 3050gsm clear - $ 86.94 per lineal metre
    • Enquire for other tints

    Gel-Coat Ultra-Safe

    Profiles up to 850mm wide

    • 3660gsm clear - $84.74 per lineal metre
    • 3660gsm other - $ 87.28 per lineal metre

    Profiles 850mm - 1100mm wide

    • 3660gsm clear - $93.05 per lineal metre
    • 3660gsm other - $ 95.32 per lineal metre



    Brochures, installation and warranty

    Topglass brochure
    Installation instructions
    Design considerations
    Topglass GC datasheet
    Topglass GC Ultra-Safe datasheet
    Topglass popular profiles
    Topglass® GC is supported by a comprehensive 25 year warranty and a 10-20 year visible light and solar transmission warranty. For further details, visit their website. For written project warranties, contact Alsynite One NZ Ltd.

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