Pelmet or Flashing for Omni Screen



Ordering an Omni Screen? Add an aluminium flashing or a square pelmet to help protect it from the weather and finish if off nicely.


The 135mm flashing is designed to go on the outside of the roll. It can help keep rain off the blind. It needs to be fixed to the underside of something (i.e. a beam or ceiling). Note, if your blind is going on the back face of a beam (on the inside) you won't need a flashing.


The 135mm square pelmet encloses the entire blind roller and keeps it all hidden away. It can help keep rain and debris off the roll. Note, this is only available for back roll blinds.


  • Your pelmet or flashing will come in the same component colours you selected for your blind.
  • They will be either cut to the exact width of your blind, or slightly over-sized (may require cutting down).
  • There will be some other cutting and drilling required to piece the pelmet together with the blind.

Price and availability

$98 per metre

$29 per metre