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Outdoor Sun Umbrellas from Peros

Make the most of the outdoors while keeping cool with a stylish and high-quality shade umbrella from New Zealand's leading supplier.

The Peros Shadebrella Collection™ has been in Kiwi backyards since 1950. They have a stunning range of parasols, cantilever umbrellas, wooden and metal deck umbrellas and bases, in a range of colours and sizes.


We sell the 3 most popular styles. Tuscany Polished Aluminium, Provence Wooden, and Peros Cantilever. As well as a range of bases and covers.

They've been uniquely designed for New Zealand conditions, including wind, sun and UV rays. Don't settle for less, get a quality shade umbrella for your outdoor space today.

Planosol Acrylic Canvas

All umbrellas come with the highest quality fabric in the range. Sewn in New Zealand using 100% acrylic marine-grade canvas from the top European fabric manufacturers. Better than polyester or other cheaper fabrics. It comes with a 7-year guarantee against rot and colour fading and provides 100% UVR blocking. Acrylic canvas canopies are also water-repellent, so they provide some protection from showers.

Note, these umbrellas are available in Olefin or Polyester fabrics which are cheaper. We generally only sell them in Planosol as that is the best quality and longest lasting. However, if you need Olefin or Polyester, please enquire about pricing.

Tuscany Polished Aluminium Umbrella

A stunning polished stainless-steel look, made from strong aluminium. The Tuscany does not rust or rot and is easy to move as it is not as heavy as a wooden umbrella. The Tuscany has an easy-to-use pulley system, which, along with the frame comes with a 12-month warranty.

You can choose a Tuscany with either a round or square canopy. The square Tuscany comes in two sizes; 2m and 2.5m. The round Tuscany 2.7m and 3.5m

Requires minimum base (not included) of 25kg for the square 2m and round 2.7m, 40kg for the square 2.5m and round 3.5m.


Provence Wooden Umbrella

The Provence is our very best, high-quality sun umbrella. Made from extremely hard Kempas wood, the Provence frame is strong and durable. Combined with a New Zealand-sewn Acrylic Canvas canopy, you have a stunning feature piece for your outdoor setting. Finished with solid brass fittings and leather rib protectors, the Provence just oozes quality! The frame and pulley system comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Provence is available in two sizes; a round 2.7m or 3.5m.

Requires minimum base (not included) of 25kg for the 2.7m, 40kg for the 3.5m.


Peros Cantilever

If you want all the features and functions for your great Kiwi outdoor setting, then you need a Peros Cantilever. Maximise your shade cover with a foot pedal 360deg swivel and an easy one-hand tilt function. The Peros Cantilever is easy to manoeuvre to follow the sun throughout the day, so you'll never be without a comfortable shady spot. And once the sun goes down, it’s very straightforward to fold up into the compact protection cover included (charcoal colour).

The frame is a smart, grey powder-coated aluminium that is built to last and comes with a 2-year warranty.

You can choose a Cantilever with either a round or square canopy. The square Cantilever comes in two sizes; 2.5m and 3.0m. The round Cantilever is 3.3m.

Requires minimum base of 100kg (not included). It comes standard with a cross base which can be bolted directly to deck joists. Or you can add pavers, a steel base plate or a movable base.

Cantilever-Umbrella-3.3m-Round-Acrylic-Canvas-Planosol (2)

Umbrella Bases

All Peros Sun Umbrellas and Cantilevers require a heavy base to stop them tipping.


Concrete 25kg Umbrella Base

  • Black concrete base
  • Black powder-coated steel stem
  • Plastic top inserts to fit different poles diameters

PEROS-Granite-Deck-Umbrella-Base-25kgPEROS-Parasol-Granite-Base-40kg-2-WheelsGranite Umbrella Base – 25kg and 40kg

  • Stunning polished granite that provides a classy finish to your outdoor setting
  • Stainless steel stem with 2 securing lugs
  • Cut offs on the side of base for easy lifting
  • The 40kg base has wheels for easy moving
  • Plastic top inserts to fit different-sized poles

PEROS-Cantilever-Sun-Umbrella-Granite-Pavers-25kgGranite Pavers

  • Granite pavers for cantilever
  • 25kg to fit the cross base.
  • 4 required per cantilever to provide total weight of 100kg

    PEROS-Cantilever-Market-Umbrella-Base-140kgCantilever Umbrella Base

    • Holds up to 140kg when filled with sand or water
    • Foot pedal for 360deg swivel
    • Wind up and down wheels for easy movability

    PEROS-Cantilever-Umbrella-Base-PlateCantilever Steel Base Plate

    • Solid powder coated steel construction
    • Pre-drilled holes for Cantilever foot pedal
    • Holes for dynabolts (included)
    • Used instead of cross base if attached permanently to deck or concrete

    Price and availability

    Delivery from $35

    Tuscany Polished Aluminium Umbrella

    • $895 - 2.0m square, 4 ribs, acrylic canvas
    • $1295 - 2.5m square, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas
    • $995 - 2.7m round, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas
    • $1495 - 3.5m round, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas

      Provence Wooden Umbrella

      • $1095 - 2.7m round, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas
      • $1595 - 3.5m round, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas

      Peros Cantilever Umbrella

      • $1895 - 2.5m square, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas
      • $2095 - 3.3m round, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas
      • $2295 - 3.0m square, 8 ribs, acrylic canvas

        Umbrella Base

        • $125 - 25kg black concrete base
        • $185 - 25kg granite base with stainless steel stem
        • $255 - 40kg granite base with stainless steel stem and wheels
        • $125 - 25kg granite paver for cantilever, 4 required for cross base
        • $115 - Powder coated steel base plate for cantilever
        • $995 - 140kg special design cantilever base


        • All prices incl. GST
        • We can also supply replacement parts and canvas repairs
        • Delivery is available in Auckland only, we are working on freight options for the rest of NZ


        Peros Shadebrella delivery in NZ


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