Polycarbonate Flashings



Polycarbonate flashings

Polycarbonate flashings and polycarbonate fixings can help with correct water run-off and will enhance the look of your project. They come in the same colours as the sheets (except for opal).

  • Only 3m lengths, in large size, in clear or bronze available in store
  • All other colours, sizes and lengths available by delivery from the factory

Note, these flashings do not have corrugations in them. They are essentially flat strips of polycarbonate bent into the various profiles. You can also use Coloursteel or galvanised flashings available from most hardware stores such as Bunnings or Mitre 10.

Delivery from $49



You can order online, or email or call us with your order. We will send you an invoice for credit card or direct debit payment.

Apron flashing (goes against a wall and down onto the polycarbonate roofing)


L2AF110 110 x 130 x 10mm (large)

  • 3m $107
  • 6m $225

L2AF60 60 x 70 x 20mm (small)

  • 3m $70
  • 6m $149

Ridge capping (goes on the ridge of the structure)


L2RC115-120D 10 x 115 x 115 x 10mm (large 120deg)

  • 3m $99
  • 6m $198

L2RC110-25D 110 x 110mm (small 25deg)

  • 3m $84
  • 6m $168

L2RC110-45D 110 x 110mm (small 45deg)

  • 3m $84
  • 6m $168

Barge capping (runs along the polycarbonate roofing and down the edge of the structure)


L2BC90 90 x 130 x 20mm (large)

  • 3m $107
  • 6m $214

L2BC70 70 x 60 x 20mm (small)

  • 3m $70
  • 6m $140

Custom Glaze barge capping (runs along the Custom Glaze roofing and down the edge of the structure)


80 x 50 x 30mm

  • 3m $69
  • 6m $138