Polycarbonate roofing for Home Owners

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Why should home owners who want to…

  • save on the final bill
  • flex (or improve!) their DIY skills
  • enjoy the satisfaction of personally completing a house project

…check out Sunnyside?

Because we’re cost-conscious, DIY-keen, house-proud homeowners too!


Dream of renovating your entryway?

Need to extend that outdoor space or make the most of your deck?

Wanna throw up a playhouse (or greenhouse!) in your backyard?

Been there – done that!


That’s how we know we can help you achieve the same.

We only sell products that we know to be of the utmost quality – because we use them too!

Our tutorial videos are filmed using real products on real Kiwi houses – often our own!

And when it comes to the finicky details such as keeping your gutters clear or setting up outdoor shade that’s both stylish and UV-protective…

Yep, we’ve got first-hand experience with all that too.


As fellow home owners, you can trust us to hear your ideas, offer compatible products, and share tips and tools that actually work.

We’ve got the finished projects (and happy families!) to prove it.

Sunnyside is a family business – local, on the ground, Kiwi-owned and run – and we love helping other families and home owners discover new ways to improve their homes and delight in their outdoor spaces.

Give us a call (09 390 4414) or drop us an email with any questions you have.


We’ll help you bounce ideas, provide you with honest quotes (no changing prices!), and help you decide on the best way to start building your dream project.

We believe in:

Quality Products

We offer a whole range of quality clear plastic roofing products, shade solutions, spouting, as well as all the necessary accessories you’ll need. We have a store in Auckland and Napier, and a showroom in Christchurch, and we can deliver nationwide to all cities from Whangarei to Invercargill.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

When you deal with the owner-operator of this family business (that’s me, Kurt) you’ll enjoy personal service, good relationships and customer satisfaction. That’s why we have 100% positive feedback from our Trade Me customers.

And a truly personal approach

We want to set a new standard by combining a simple streamlined process with a truly personal approach. One where I’m always available for free advice. Where you get clear, helpful tips about how to install and care for your roof. And where you deal with a business owner who genuinely wants to know about your project and ensure its success.

In fact, for Auckland deliveries, it may even be me dropping off your order… so I’ll look forward to meeting you. 

That’s the Sunnyside way!