Polycarbonate roofing for Tradespeople

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You don’t have to be a big business to get great deals on building materials.

We’ve made it easier and more affordable for smaller companies – or even sole traders – to purchase stock as and how you need to.

By purchasing locally from factories, we get materials sent directly from the source to you – no middle man required!

We also have extremely low overheads. 

No huge buildings, no flash company cars…

Just good quality products at some of the best prices.


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You’ll find a range of items for the builder, handyman, landscaper, or roofing expert on your crew…

Items such as ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear – a high quality cast acrylic sheet.

Astariglas clear acrylic roofing sheets

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, Cast Acrylic Sheeting is one of the most widely used grades of acrylic sheet in today’s market. 

Lighter than glass, yet stronger and with superb clarity, this product’s rigidity and surface hardness make it an extremely versatile material.

Or see our various shade options!

Outdoor roller blinds from Sunnyside

These Outdoor Blinds are specifically designed for our unique New Zealand environment. 

Sleek, stylish and durable, the Omni Screen incorporates smart design and practicality.

And of course, our popular Polycarb Roofing Sheets are a tough yet pliable product for all kinds of building and landscaping projects.

Opal clearlite frosted diffused from Sunnyside

They block 99% of harmful UV rays, and they come with a 10-year warranty against discolouration and brittleness.

Plus they’re recyclable!

Apart from our key players, we also stock various accessories such as noise stop tape, foam infill, and u-end caps.


And because we love to support the local trade/DIY scene, we’ve made a selection of helpful video tutorials.

We showcase various products, drop in some time-lapse projects, and walk you through a step-by-step on how best to use some of our most popular materials.

And if you see something you like…

Ask us for a FREE sample!

Yes, this is free – and with no obligation to purchase. 

We provide samples of most of our products – that way you can view colours and shapes, and make sure that what you’re purchasing is exactly what you want.

That’s the Sunnyside Way!