Twinwall Polycarbonate – from Alsynite Roofing

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Twinwall polycarbonate

You’ve heard of Polycarbonate, but have you heard of Twinwall Polycarbonate?!

The double-walled polycarbonate glazing sheet.

Twinwall roofing is a hollow structure with a double wall. It’s flat and lightweight, just like a standard polycarbonate glazing sheet.

But due to its hollow structure, Laserlite 2000+ Twinwall from Alsynite roofing has outstanding light transmission and insulation properties.

This makes it the first choice for almost any demanding glazing application, particularly in spaces that require both thermal and acoustical properties.

Check out our 1-min “Intro to Twinwall” video!

What makes Twinwall stand out?

Twinwall’s double walling prevents heat loss and minimizes condensation – at the same time, it absorbs almost 100% of UV radiation! 

It’s capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations from -20ºC to 120ºC, and it comes with a 15 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission. Sunnyside Twinwall will meet most architectural requirements.

It’s 20 times stronger than acrylic and 250 times stronger than glass!

Twinwall polycarbonate rounds out as a product that is very light, very strong and virtually unbreakable.

View Twinwall’s insulation specs here.

So what can I do with Twinwall?

Twinwall is fantastic for any spaces that need protection from New Zealand weather – and our extra-harsh UV rays – without shutting out the sun’s natural light and warmth.

The possibilities are endless! Think greenhouses, deck siding, pergolas and even kids’ playhouses… 

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What are the style options?

They’re flexible!

You can choose from four colours and two thicknesses, with a range of size options. 

Check out our 1-min video showcasing Twinwall’s colour options!

And our website provides heaps of extra information on the product itself, plus an installation guide and YouTube tutorials for further tips and ideas.
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