Sunnyside Scribbles – Spring 2022


Ellipse retractable awning NZ
The chaos of the building industry – and how we can help

Massive price increases, no availability, ridiculous lead times, stressed companies, terrible delivery service, lost or damaged goods…

Why is it so hard to get building materials these days??!

Of course “pandemic” is the reason that springs to mind for most of us.

Sunnyside has been in business for over 50 years, which means we’ve seen a lot of cycles. But Covid-19 threw a whole new twist into the game, and the building sector has been wobbling for balance ever since.

So if you’re wondering “Where does this leave me?” jump down to see what Sunnyside is doing to make sure YOU don’t get stuck between a rock and a hard-to-find material…

Ellipse Retractable Awning – perfect for the oncoming days of sun!
Get summer ready with retractable awnings 

Need to add shade to your outdoor space, but hide it away whenever you want?

Check out our Ellipse retractable awnings

Ellipse retractable awnings attach directly to your wall or soffit. The extendable arms and fabric wind out to provide shade when needed, then are easily wound back into the unit when not in use. 

Retractable awnings are the perfect solution for discreet – and instant! – summer shade.

Made with quality components and a solid structure to ensure long-lasting functional sun protection, Ellipse awnings are stylish yet simple enough to install in almost any area.

Plus they offer a generous area of coverage – up to 6 metres wide by 4 metres projection. 
The Sunnyside solution to 2022’s building chaos (cont. from above)

Don’t despair! We successfully deliver thousands of orders a year.At the moment things are a little more difficult, and sometimes take longer than usual. There are lots of issues outside of our control, but we work hard to adapt around them.

So here’s what we’re doing to make things happen pronto:

We respond to every email, phone call and voicemail. Every time. 
Email is by far the best way to communicate with us. It saves things getting missed, and it stays in our inbox until it’s resolved. 

We keep our website updated with the correct prices and any stock issues. 

We look after our staff, who look after YOU.
While many companies don’t appear to be looking after their staff, we try our best at Sunnyside. We already had a flexible business before COVID, now we’re even more flexible. If we look after our staff, they’ll look after you, the customer.

We let you know ASAP if something you’ve ordered can’t be supplied. 
There could be many reasons for this, but either way we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Plus we’ll arrange a suitable alternative or a full refund.

You ask, we pursue. 
Sometimes we’ll get confirmation from a carrier that an order has been delivered, when it hasn’t. But we don’t know this until the customer follows up with us. So feel free to check the status of your order! We’ll get onto it any issues right away.

Our specialised focus means our products aren’t usually used in the first stage of the building process –  they’re one of the last things to be utilised. They’re commonly installed by smaller companies or DIYers, they’re somewhat seasonal, and they usually aren’t as time critical.

So keep planning those projects!

We’re here to help. Despite the industry difficulties, we’ll make it work. And once it’s complete, you’ll be able to enjoy that new outdoor space for years to come.

Go for it!

Kurt and the Sunnyside team