Sunnyside Scribbles November 2021


Omni Screen: outdoor blinds for your summer spaces

Sleek, stylish and durable, the Omni Screen incorporates smart design and practicality, with instant shade and privacy thanks to the easy-to-operate roller system. 

Create some shelter from the sun, wind, rain and insects with this beautiful and versatile addition to your patio, deck or outdoor area.Omni Screen is available in PVC (clear or tinted) or Shadeview Urban colours. The darker the colour, the easier it is to see through the mesh (oddly enough).

Designed for our unique NZ environment

Based in Auckland, Shade Elements are an industry leader when it comes to outdoor patio blinds and screens. Their Omni Screens are:

-Custom-made to order, to your specific size
-High quality components and fabric
-Excellent product support from local manufacturer
-Up to a 10 year warranty on Shadeview Urban mesh
-Nationwide delivery
-UV block – 93% clear PVC, 95% Shadeview Urban mesh
Openness factor – 95% Shadeview UrbanEASY TO INSTALL, EVEN EASIER TO USE

Watch our 3-minute tutorial on how to install outdoor blinds, or check out our time-lapse video for a 30-second glimpse of installation.

Ordering an Omni Screen?

Add an aluminium flashing or a square pelmet to help protect it from the weather and finish if off nicely. 

And if you need an installer in the Auckland/Waikato area, we can recommend one!

Just give us a call or email us with any queries or to place your order, and let’s get your outdoor spaces summer-ready 

Meet Anna (Designer)

How did I end up with Sunnyside? I married into it!

My previous work with Queensberry Wedding Albums was a great experience in working for a small business. You learn to adapt, and your role is usually varied and interesting – your job title doesn’t even cover half the things you end up doing!

Working from home with Sunnyside is a bonus for me, and as a designer I enjoy making great content look good.

For me, what makes Sunnyside stand out is our great customer service and our ability to adapt and change. We are family oriented, and we really try to focus on quality service and quality products.When I’m not creating and designing fresh Sunnyside content, I enjoy calligraphy, gardening, traveling and DIY. I’m a mum of two kids, and the things that are important to me are faith, hope and love.

There must be a better way

Back in the day, Sunnyside was a supplier of general building materials.

We hadn’t looked too deeply into other components, until the fateful day when Eric tried to buy a single sheet of polycarbonate roofing. You can read that terrifying tale here.

Long story short – ordering clear roofing and outdoor shade shouldn’t be THAT difficult!

And with the Sunnyside team on the job, it won’t be.

We guarantee you that Sunnyside will be the easiest place in NZ to learn about, buy and use polycarbonate roofing.

Sunnyside Roofing was kicked off by one simple thought:

There must be a better way.

That’s why we’re proud to bring you the Sunnyside way.

Until next time,