Polycarbonate roofing for Agriculture / Horticulture

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Agriculture meets Polycarbonate

Did you know that cattle need protection from harsh weather too?

Not only can New Zealand’s UV rays adversely affect their skin and liver, but without adequate shade in which to rest and ruminate, they can suffer severe heat stress – especially dark coated cattle.

If your farm is lacking tree belts or natural shade in some areas, consider putting up a simple polycarb roof for your dairy or beef herd.

It will keep the UV rays out, but it won’t heat up the resting space like a metal panel roof might!

Or use polycarb sheets in your barn roof to allow more natural sunlight – a necessary source of VitD3 for healthy cattle.

Chickens appreciate a warm and protected home too – build a coop or a run from polycarb, and know that it will last.

Polycarbonate can be used in all sorts of agriculture and horticulture applications.

But it’s not just animals who appreciate shade being incorporated into the landscape. Us humans are partial to it as well – especially in summer!

This simple shade shelter allows natural light to fill the space, while holding off any rain and those unrelenting UV rays.

Or go for something a little more dramatic, such as this simple yet stunning polycarbonate shed.

Built in Akaroa, New Zealand, this shed becomes a light sculpture when darkness falls, with polycarbonate sheets filtering the bright interior into a soft, warm glow.

Not only is Polycarbonate Roofing sturdy and clean, it can be beautiful as well!

With endless uses and applications, polycarb really does stand out as an essential material for livestock and farm needs, within-budget building projects or new architectural creations.

Polycarbonate is lightweight, strong and flexible enough to incorporate into almost any design.

Plus its sheer endurance in the face of wild rain, unexpected winds, harsh UV sunlight and – the ultimate tester – time, makes it a perfect choice for your agricultural and horticultural needs.

Get in touch today and let’s discuss how you can transform your farm, landscaping site or outdoor sanctuary!

We’ll listen to any ideas, find out the best way to make your dream project into a reality, and do it all with our best foot forward and a smile…

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