Get ready for summer with our Shade Sails!

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Outdoor canpies and shade sails for schools NZ from Sunnyside

New Zealand is known for its harsh UV intensity, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying our fresh and beautiful outdoors as the warmer weather approaches.

A pop of colour to take on summer!

Shadetex Shade Sails® are suitable for both residential and commercial areas.

You’ll see them over patios, outdoor entertainment areas, swimming pools, carports, childcare centers, schools, playgrounds, cafes and more!

With an industry-leading 13 year warranty and a 90% UV block, they come in multiple shapes, sizes and colours…

…so you can mix and match!

Throw up vibrant sails across your pool, add a stylish canopy above an event space, or spread soft beige hues over your cozy garden nook.

Shadetex Shade Sails are fun and versatile – and super strong.

Shadetec 320® not only offers a very high level of UV protection, it’s also made from UV-stabilised materials – meaning the fabric of your shade sails will continue to perform even after years of exposure to the elements. 

The super tough abrasion resistant yarn means excellent durability and longevity with great resistance to grime, mildew and dirt.

Regardless of where you’re thinking to put up a shade sail, there are several factors to consider – particularly around installation.

Luckily, we’ve provided all the information and guidance you’ll need to get your shade sails up and flying!

And of course we’re only a phone call or email away.

So let us help you welcome summer with stylish shade that is guaranteed to last.

That’s the Sunnyside Way!