Sunnyside Scribbles May 2021 – Winter Rains & Inspiration


Outdoor Roofing and Shade

Ain’t no rain gonna stop this spouting

Make sure your roof is ready for the rainy season with Marley spouting – a new product line, just in time for winter!

Marley products are known for their longevity and clean style.

And we supply the leading products on the market. For example, check out one of New Zealand’s most popular spouting styles: STORMCLOUD

Stormcloud is a quarter-round shape that is both versatile and beautiful.

Clean, strong lines and a range of colours make this low maintenance piping a perfect match for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Check out Stormcloud spouting (and the rest of the mighty Marley range!) on our website.

It’s not just the spouting – we also supply joiners, brackets, downpipes and more! View Marley products…
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Whether your project is big or small, indoors or outdoors (or a mix of both!), we have plenty of ideas, supplies and personal know-how to help you create a space with balanced lighting, great weather protection and beautifully aesthetic vibes.

Check out our page and get inspired!

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Asking ourselves ‘what if’ and ‘why?’

Stepping into the Sunnyside scene very quickly taught me (Kurt) that running a business allows you to make your own rules.

Not in terms of doing whatever you want, but in giving you space to ask the question that many businesses can too easily overlook or ignore:

Why are we doing what we’re doing?

It was not long before I began looking at other businesses and asking myself those out-of-the-box questions.

  • What if we decided to make Sunnyside a fun place to work?
  • What if we gave maximum flexibility to the staff?
  • What if customers found we actually knew what we were talking about when we answered the phone and were able to help them right away?

Our goal is to never stop asking, learning and improving as a business who can offer both quality products and customer care with equal effectiveness.

Until next time,