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GUTTERSMART: the best way to declutter your gutter

As builders and homeowners, we know the frustration of clogged gutters creating a waterfall, rotting leaves piling up in your spouting, and the endless cycle of cleaning up / another storm / cleaning up / another storm…


  • Prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutters
  • Spend less time standing on a ladder to clean drainage
  • Simple DIY installation and maintenance – no complicated installation
  • Tidy and smart, no ugly bristles or unsightly mesh
  • 5 year warranty
  • Around ONE FIFTH THE PRICE of gutter mesh!
  • Easy to order, delivered directly to you, plus free samples available

GUTTERSMART is a foam wedge placed inside your gutter.

It comes in 1m lengths and fits most gutters in NZ. It’s also often the only gutter protection product recommended by roofing and maintenance companies, and is proven for New Zealand conditions and seasons.

Water passes through the foam wedge, rain flows through the spouting, but leaves, sticks and debris no  longer fall into your gutters! And if you need to get rid of any stubborn debris, simply lift out the foam wedge, wash it off with a hose, and reinsert. Easy.

GUTTERSMART is one of the simplest DIY systems available.

Give us a call or flick us an email, and chat to our friendly staff about maximising your gutters (and minimizing post-storm clean-up!) this winter.


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