Kitsets, Acrylic, and Glazing Bars

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Kitset gazebo with aluminium bars and glazing panels

Here at Sunnyside, we’re known for our fast service, range of options and customer satisfaction. 

But it’s not just about providing quality stock in mainstream products.

We also provide the means to put those materials to good use.

Glazing bars, kitsets and various assembly items are just some of the extras we supply.

And then we go one step further again!

On our product pages, you’ll find instructions – complete with diagrams, step-by-step installation guides, and our own helpful tips.

And in the spirit of sharing as much knowledge and experience as possible…

What is a structural glazing assembly?

A structural glazing assembly is a unique system designed to provide a joining, mounting, and sealing solution for various glazing materials. 

It uses a top-cap compression clamping method to provide a positive clamping pressure onto the sheet. This creates an effective and weather-tight seal. 

We supply both EconoGlaze and ClearSpan (by Universal Glazing Systems).

Suitable for glass, flat polycarbonate, Twinwall, and acrylic, this method is simple and effective!

Each bar/box comes with:

  • Glazing bar base extrusion
  • Top cap extrusion
  • Rubber gaskets
  • End plates (2 per bar assembly, with screws)

ClearSpan also comes with top cap infill extrusion, and stainless steel top cap compression screws.

And the list goes on…

Check out the many options we offer!

Aluminum posts, foot plates and beams… 

Saddle, hanger and internal brackets…

And even a kitset pergola!

Don’t forget to check out our compilation of specifications and installation guides to make your project as straightforward and smooth as possible.

And last but not least, we offer a huge range of colour options as well.