Laserlite Roofing

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The Laserlite roofing brand has been around for years, and is one of New Zealand’s highest performing polycarbonate roofing products. 

Here at Sunnyside we’ve been using and selling Laserlite for a long time.

What makes it special?

Laserlite has a thicker UV protective coating than Suncover and other entry level products, giving it a longer warranty. 

It’s also incredibly easy to purchase, cut to size, and install.

Check out our 2-min time lapse video of an installation!

Laserlite 1000 is available in 3 profiles (Corrugated, Greca or 5-Rib) and 4 colours (Clear, Bronze, Grey or Opal).

It’s simple yet strong design makes it perfect for a range of uses. Plus it blocks 99.9% of UV radiation! 

A must-have for any Kiwi home, Laserlite also comes with a range of accessories for easy design and use.

Click to see examples of Laserlite in action!