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Installing a Polycarbonate roof is simple and straightforward – but the prep can be something else!

If you know, you know…

That’s why we’re proud providers of One Shot® fasteners.

A tried and tested fixing screw, these fasteners offer a “one shot” method – cutting an expansion hole AND fixing a screw, all in one sweep!

No more drilling individual clearance holes, painstakingly fastening screws directly in the middle of each hole, and juggling multiple drill attachments – or constantly swapping between drills.

Plus, the precision of the expansion holes cut by OneShot® Fasteners ensures your Polycarbonate sheets allow for thermal expansion and contraction in all conditions.

No wonder these are NZ’s biggest selling profiled polycarbonate fastener!

Here at Sunnyside we offer two different types of polycarbonate fasteners:

  • Multipurpose: suitable for steel or timber purlins and high wind zones
  • OneShot®: easiest for timber purlins (not suitable for steel) – see pic below

Multipurpose fasteners have a larger washer that starts at the top. Their drill point is less sharp, making them suitable for steel purlins as well, but that does mean it’s a little harder to hold the screw down on the sheet. However, they are a lot more forgiving and can be an easier method for first time users or DIY-ers.

OneShot® fasteners are very sharp with a washer that starts at the bottom. This makes them much easier to hold when drilling. And of course, their “single motion” use means a lot less prep time and effort.

We’ve lined up the specs:

  • 50mm (65mm for 5-Rib)
  • Galvanised
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Cuts a thermal expansion hole in the same action
  • 12 gauge (OneShot®)
  • 14 gauge (Multipurpose)
  • Requires 5/16″ hex head drive
  • 26mm DEKS EPDM washer (Multipurpose)
  • Fully compliant with AS3566

Sunnyside Pro Tip: Because these fasteners are so sharp and efficient (i.e. they start cutting the hole straight away) take care to ensure they are exactly straight and don’t run away mid-action!

One Shot® fasteners have changed the game for Polycarbonate Roofing.

If you know, you know…

And now you know! 

  • Prevent cracking and splitting
  • Provide a watertight seal
  • Save time and money
  • Improve the overall aesthetics of your roofing

If you want to say YES to all of the above, jump on our website for pricing or give us a call for a free consultation and quote: 09 390 4414

We’ll talk you through every question and step.

That’s the Sunnyside Way!

PS – One Shot® Fasteners are not suitable for Twinwall, Custom Glaze or Flat Acrylic.