Sunnyside Scribbles August 2021


Outdoor Roofing and Shade

Roofing Iron: proving popular with Kiwi builders

New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty comes at a cost – it’s also one of the harshest environments in the world.

Intense UV damage, salt-laden air and heavy weather conditions are just some of the factors we deal with when building our homes, sprucing up our outdoor areas or simply installing a garden shed.

Introducing KiwiColour Roofing Iron

Available in two streamlined options – and with 16 colours – this popular corrugated roofing can adapt to a range of tastes and designs.

Lightweight, easy to install, and tough enough to take on New Zealand’s heavy weather conditions, Roofing Iron is resilience with style.

It also comes with a 15-year warranty.

We’re working on online ordering, but give us a shout via email or phone to place an order or simply find out more about colour steel and corrugated iron options.

Check out Roofing Iron here!

Then and now

With the recent unearthing of some pretty cool historic photos (1970’s company cars anyone?!), we thought we’d introduce the current owners of the business.

They also happen to be the second generation of the Sunnyside story…

Eric and Michelle are the proud grandparents of Maddie and Devon, who feature in a number of our videos and tutorials.

Maddie and Devon (fourth generation Sunnysiders!) help Dad cut polycarb sheets
Eric was the second generation Managing Director of Sunnyside, taking over in the 80’s from his father Bram who started the business in 1966. Michelle handled most of the administration for Sunnyside, which was involved in all sorts of different types of building materials.

In 2010 Eric handed the business over to his son Kurt, and together they completely redesigned the business to specialise in polycarbonate roofing.

Still proud Sunnyside advocates and odd-job helpers, Eric now spends much of his time flying around the Bay of Plenty in his ultralight aircraft. Meanwhile, Michelle is developing her orchard and organic vegetable garden, and supplying the family with endless amounts of delicious produce.

Eric & Michelle ran the Auckland store for some years before stepping back into more of a support role.
Eric with the much loved Linde forklift in the 90’s. Back in the day, Sunnyside – known then as Handy Timbers – operated a full supply yard. Online business has adjusted our methods, but we still work directly with suppliers and customers.
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Winter: a time to dream and plan

Cold weather and shorter days make it tricky to get much done in the way of building projects.

But winter is perfect for dreaming up possibilities.

We’re here to chat through your ideas, help you plan your next project, or give you practical advice on when and how to install a shade sail in time for spring.

You might want to check out our ideas gallery, or scroll through Pinterest.

Ideas Gallery
Pinterest Page
We’ve designed and manufactured a number of building projects ourselves, and we’re always happy to share advice and tips on how to get the best results.

My team are always ready to help you work through an order or figure out the best product for your needs.

Just drop us a line and let us help your dream build become reality.

Until next time,