Newsletter: Check out Sunnyside customer projects



Awesome Customer Projects

Last month, we invited Sunnyside customers to send in photos of their recent projects. As a reward, they were given a Sunnyside gift of their choice. Here are some of our favourite projects.

Charles’ Country Pergola

Charles used 4 sheets of Starcover Premium Corrugated in grey to add a functional, stylish roof to his pergola: “Our pergola was useless until we covered it. Now it’s good for entertaining 365 days a year!”, says Charles

Allen’s awesome outdoor space

“Photos of our new pergola finished with bronze roofing. This has lowered the temperature in our dining/lounge area by at least 5 degrees making it more liveable, so thanks for the prompt service and delivery.”, says Allen

Jason’s summer shady spot

“Covered outdoor area, happy with the product. Provides shelter, a place to dry laundry, and shade in summer.”, says Jason
Discover the Plastic that looks like Glass!

Have you discovered Custom Glaze yet? This remarkable premium product is flat polycarbonate that is designed to look like glass or acrylic (because it isn’t corrugated).
Enjoy clear, open views
Because sheets are 600mm wide, you need a lot less supporting structure, which means you get nice, big, clear, open areas of vision. You’ll find it’s perfect if you want an architectural contemporary look with real class.
Strong and made to last
It’s two-and-a-half times thicker than our standard polycarbonate, so it’s super strong. And it comes with a very impressive 25-year warranty.

Sheets are 600mm x 7200mm
You can choose from 3 colours
You get 99.9% UV protection
Affordable and easy to install

The good news is, it’s a lot more affordable and easier to fit than glass. To install it, you need supporting purlins 1500mm apart. Ideally, you’d space your rafters 600mm apart so you can hide the joins. So, for your next project and a great deal on premium Custom Glaze roofing, come and see us at Sunnyside.