Newsletter: Sick of cleaning your gutters?


Welcome to the latest news from Sunnyside!
September 2019

Introducing Guttersmart
Gutter foam protection by Guttersmart
Guttersmart foam guard is the latest product to be offered by Sunnyside.
Most places sell these for around $14 a metre.

We’ve got them for $9 a metre.

Order now, in time for spring and all the leaves to come back on the trees!

Sunnyside Survey
We recently sent a survey out to all our customers from the last 6 months. The response we received was overwhelming, and we’re grateful to everyone who took part.

There were a few things that customers found important when buying polycarbonate roofing. We’ll be focussing on all these things going forward. Price and delivery were two big factors.

Another was great service and advice.

We like to think we offer friendly, personal, and knowledgeable service. Different to what you may get at any standard retail store. But one of the questions for us has been, what does personal service actually mean?

What are the things we do (or can look at doing) to give customers the best experience possible?

These are some of the things that were identified.

Countless customers appreciated us calling them back if we happened to miss their call. One of our aims is to answer every email, respond to every phone call, or phone back any calls we’ve missed. It’s nice to know this makes a difference.

Almost every customer mentioned the personalised service and advice. No matter how small the job, we’re willing to discuss the project with you, look at the photos, and suggest the most suitable product. This doesn’t just mean the product we want to sell. In fact, plenty of times we’ve suggested products we don’t sell, simply because we think they may suit the customer better. The last thing we want is for someone to not be happy with their final product.

If you completed the survey, thanks again.

We look forward to continually improving our service, and hopefully we can help you again in the future!

Kurt and the Sunnyside team