Sunnyside Scribbles April 2021 – Introducing the newest Cast Acrylic Sheet and the smallest (and liveliest!) member of our team


Outdoor Roofing and Shade

Hello from the Sunnyside Team!

This is the launch of our monthly eNews – we’ll keep it short ‘n’ sweet! – and we hope you’ll stick around.

You’ll get helpful tips and fresh ideas, links to featured products or video tutorials, and the odd little story or peek behind the scenes.

This month we’re excited to introduce you to Astariglas Cast Acrylic Sheets (outdoor area protection, anyone?!) and Devon: the cutest – and arguably most energetic! – member of our team.


DEVON / CEO (child executive officer)

“I like building stuff. Mainly with Lego.

I’m the face of the business, and I’ve been on several radio ads. I go on lots of deliveries with Dad so I know my stuff.

My experience includes trying out new roofing designs with my Lego, and smiling extra big for promotional pictures…” Read More

Astariglas: lightweight, strong and versatile

Lighter than glass, yet stronger and with superb clarity, this product’s rigidity and surface hardness make it an extremely versatile material.

As well as being highly resistant to weather conditions, Cast Acrylic Sheets are UV-light absorbent. View product.

Quality products and the friendliest service around – that’s what you’ll always find when you deal with Sunnyside.

But don’t just take our word for it – listen to Andrea!

I have ordered from these people 3 times now and have had amazing service from ordering to delivery every time. Thank you Sunnyside, your service and product is amazing 😊
– Andrea

Stay tuned for next month’s behind-the-scenes episode, and learn our top three tips for choosing a product that’s best for you.

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