Newsletter: The rise of construction’s youngest CEO


He’s the voice and face of the company… yet he’s only three-years-old. What the hey?
As you know, Sunnyside Clear Roofing is a family-owned business run by me, Kurt Breetvelt. I’m the third generation to sit behind the Sunnyside steering wheel. So that makes my son, Devon, generation number 4.

He appears in radio commercials with me, has his own video on the Sunnyside website, and features in several Tradie Magazine articles. In the latest issue, Tradie Mag puts Polycarbonate roofing to the ‘Devon Test’. Here’s a snippet of what the magazine had to say…

** Does Polycarbonate Roofing Pass the Devon Test?
We all know Polycarbonate Roofing lets in the light, keeps out the rain, and that the really good stuff blocks 99.9% of UV rays. But the big question is, how tough is it? To find out, we went along to Sunnyside Clear Roofing, an independent supplier of polycarbonate roofing, to meet owner Kurt Breetvelt. “We regularly put our polycarbonate roofing through the Devon Test”, says Kurt. “Devon is my three-year-old son. We give him a hammer and he gives the polycarb a really good whack. It passes every time”.

Polycarbonate is so tough it is replacing glass in greenhouses because it’s shatter-proof, it’s used to make safety glasses because of its impact resistance, and even used in police riot shields.

In closing our visit, we ask Devon when it comes to polycarbonate roofing, what should Tradies do? He answers with a chuckle, “Always see the sunny side”.


** Introducing Custom Glaze

** Custom Glaze is a flat polycarbonate roofing product that looks like glass or acrylic, but without complicated installation – and for a fraction of the cost! Check it out here ( .
** Spring is in the air…
Well, maybe not yet. But it is a good time to start planning that new pergola or polycarb roof over your deck so you have it sorted for summer. For inspiration, take a look at our awesome ideas gallery. (

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