Newsletter: How to clean your clear roofing


Welcome to the latest news from Sunnyside February 2019
How to Clean Your Clear Roofing
As we know, clear roofing is a great way to add sheltered, usable outdoor space to your home. However, because it is outdoors over time it will get dirty, with sediment building up in the valleys. Lichen, moss, mould and mildew may also grow on the roof.

If you want to keep your roof looking good, you’ll need to clean it from time to time. The good news is, there are two easy ways you can do this:

Warm water and dishwashing liquid
Purpose-made Cleaning Product

NOTES: You will see that it is the valleys that mostly need cleaning. If you need to walk on your roof, we recommend you use a 3-metre plank or walk-board that will span the roof so you avoid standing on the polycarbonate.
WARNING: Polycarbonate roofing is easy to scratch, so be careful what you use to scrub it.
1. Warm water and dishwashing liquid
You will need: Bucket, Sponge, Dishwashing liquid, Warm water, Garden hose
TIP: A microfibre noodle carwash sponge works well. It has soft microfibre noodles on one side, with a mesh scrubber on the other for tough marks.

Fill your bucket with warm water and add an appropriate amount of dishwashing liquid. Soak your sponge in the water/dishwashing liquid. Use the microfibre side to scrub up and down the corrugations to loosen and remove sediment. When you have finished, rinse off the roof with clean water using your hose.
TIP: Dirt generally builds up in the joins as well. If you need to get under a join, loosen the screws holding it down. Lift up the leading edge of the join and wipe underneath to clean the polycarbonate.
2. Purpose-made Cleaning Product
Wet and Forget and 30-seconds both make a product that is suitable for polycarbonate roofing.
30 Seconds Roof Treatment
You will need: 30 Seconds Roof Treatment, Pressure sprayer

Mix 30 seconds in the pressure sprayer as per the instructions.Spray over the roof, coating the entire surface. No hosing, scrubbing or water blasting – just spray it on forget about it. There is no need to rinse it off.
TIP: Avoid cleaning if rain is likely. 
NOTE: After two months, the roof in our test had no lichen. However, it did require cleaning with a sponge to remove the sediment in the valleys.
The water and dishwashing liquid delivers instant results and enables you to get under joins.

The roof treatment is less work. However, it still requires a sponge or brush a month or so later to remove the residual sediment.
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