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Introducing Amazing Laserlite Twinwall

Laserlite Twinwall is a fantastic alternative to glass. It’s light-weight and flexible, with high impact strength. This extremely attractive material features two exterior plastic sheets connected by a vertical plastic support every few millimetres, creating multiple internal cells.

Super-Tough, with Unobstructed Runs
This gives Twinwall remarkable rigidity and strength, while remaining extremely lightweight. This means you can have clear, unobstructed runs of up to 800mm wide without needing purlin (or nog) supports.

The multi-cell construction:
Traps air between the layers
Gives you better thermal insulation
Prevents heat loss and minimises condensation
Enhances acoustic properties
Multiple Uses
As such a versatile material, Twinwall is ideal for:
See-through cladding
Shower stalls
Interior design

Easy to Install
Because it’s lightweight, Twinwall is easier to manage than glass. It can be cut onsite and will not crack when sawn or drilled. Interestingly, it can be curved longitudinally (i.e. along the length of the sheet, not the width). This gives you unmatched design flexibility, opening up novel applications, such as covered arched walkways or interior design features.

4 Colours to choose from
You can choose between four practical colours and two thicknesses, with sheets up to 5.8 metres long. It also comes with a 15-year warranty. So for your next project choose great-looking, quality Laserlite Twinwall from Sunnyside.

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